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    I thought this would be the best place to put this, its more of a geology question but it also involves chem.
    i know there are some geologists out there so this oens for which type of rock is gold usually found. or in which areas in the world is godl found, im really interested in propsecting gold. so i hope for a big response
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    You could try this site:

    The best way to mine gold now is to find an old gold producing mine get a souped up radar gun and detector and see if there is any gold they missed. I saw a tv show once and a guy found $22 million dollars in mine that was worked-out by 1800's methods
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    Gold is found in hydrothermal deposits usually made of quartz veining in a host rock but the easiest way for a novice to get it is to sluice or pan for it in alluvial deposits where water has eroded the host rock and concentrated the gold. It is pretty wide spread but the best concentrations are in the mountainous regions such as the Rockies and Applachians. Tell me where you live and Ill try to give you a little more info. Also check out the Gold Prospectors Association of America