Zoology GlowFish Nightlights

Discussion in 'Zoology' started by Zsandmann, Sep 1, 2004.

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    The first truely genetically engineered pet, the GlowFish glow like fireflies because they had genes added to them from a glowing jellyfish to cause glowing fins. I think its neat, others think its wrong. The main issue is how did they do it and how could this technology be used to splice other organisms with new traits. I know I read where they put spider genes in a goat and now they goatmilk contains spider silk and can be used to make some superstrong fabric.


    Source: http://www.sciscoop.com/story/2003/6/26/72442/4245

    The fish are sterile so they cant make it on their own and expect to pay $15-20 each when they make it in the US.
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    What would be awesome is if they could do it to my eyes WITHOUT causing damage of course. But, wouldn`t that be cool looking with glowing eyes.
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    those boys would blind my procosthamus !! ( algea eater) . Do they actually glow , or are they black light flourescent ?

    gonna have to look up that goat milk webbing !! cool post !