Earth Science Global warming-what do you think?

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    I have heard many different opinions concerning global warming. 1. That its our fault because we drive too much and were gonna kill ourselves, 2. that its a political hoax and global warming does not exist, 3. that earth is actually cooling, and 4. that global warming is happening just like it did before the last ice age so we did not contribute to it.

    What do the ppl here at ID think?

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    Well I think it's a little of 1. 3. and 4. allthough with four I belive we are actually speeding up the process by accelorating fresh water inland iceshelves to melt and it would end up disprupting the ocean currents which distribute heat to europe. It is not a hoax allthough some certain overzelous environmentalists have stooped pretty low, but not as low as the paid scientists that are getting money to say that we have absolutely no mesurable affect on the environment, and that is just sillyness.
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    Did you know that power plants, cattle, and cars are some of the major contributors of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane? Cows? Huh? ha ha

    Here are the interesting parts about Global Warming for me taken from the Earth Observatory at NASA.

    There are allot of skeptics that say Global Warming has not been proven to be caused by carbon dioxide or even proven outside of a lab setting. But, for me.. either side of the fence you are on, it is happening. "Why" may be under debate, but it is a fact that it is happening no matter the cause. The effect is what I am worried about.

    The potential hazards are:

    According to the IPCC, land surface areas will increase in temperature over the summer months much more than the ocean.

    Forecasts for precipitation and weather are cloudier.
    They believe, however, that it will come in the form of bigger, wetter storms, rather than in the form of more rainy days. So it’s more probable that the increase in rain will only serve to tax our drainage systems rather than benefit vegetation or replenish natural, underground aquifers. As to larger more destructive weather patterns, hurricanes will likely increase in intensity due to warmer ocean surface temperatures.

    According to the IPCC, over the next century sea levels are likely to rise between 0.09 and 0.88 meters. The rise will mainly be due to seawater expanding from the increased ocean temperatures and run-off from the melting of continental glaciers and a slight melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet.

    Should global warming continue, many biologists envision the alteration of natural habitats. Some of this change may be for the better. Higher levels of carbon dioxide and warmer temperatures may cause forests to become more lush and vigorous. Warmer ocean waters on the open ocean could be beneficial to fish and algae on the high seas. Unfortunately, most changes will likely be for the worst. Plants and animals in mid-latitude regions, such as nut-bearing oaks in the midwestern United States, may find themselves in warmer environments where they cannot survive. Rising sea levels may inundate delicate coastal wetlands with brackish waters, which could drive out certain types of fish and kill wetland vegetation. Warmer ocean temperatures around the coast could overheat many types of coral, killing them and many of the animals that depend on them.

    A slight increase in heat and rain in equatorial regions would likely spark an increase in vector-borne diseases such as malaria. More intense rains and hurricanes could cause more severe flooding and more deaths in coastal regions and along riverbeds. Even a moderate rise in sea level could threaten the coastlines of low-lying islands such as the Maldives.

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    To me global warming is a strange subject. suppsoably global warming is due to the release of CFCs (clhoroflurocarbons) and hydrocarbons. they say global warming is geting worse and i dont doubt them but how can we be inputing mor carbon in the atmosphere and have plant life suffer from lack of carbon and have carbon levels decreasing all at the same time? so far i just feel we arent releasing the right form of carbon , carbon dioxide, and thus we have the doubble problem. aldo i have long sence been capivated by the fact that global warming will melt ice caps release fresh water screw with ocean curents and cause a new ice age that whole conept just proves that you really can never leave out ant possibility when testing a hypothesis or anything for that matter.
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    If you read the words- more extreme weather- what does it mean to farmers? Maybe a few more tornadoes outside of the tornado alley in the midwest will shake a few more people up. :brkdnc:

    If you read the recent book out by Michael Crichton or watched his book review on cspan you would think that global warming is just a hoax. Because scientists are so eager to get their theories and hypothesis published- they don't really take the time needed to gather the facts- . (like 50 years- a lifetime) or they just plain get it wrong. I agree with Michael Crichton on this point, but........... to throw the baby out with the bathwater is not ethically responsible either.

    And I also agree that we can't really change a throw-away society into a recycler and sustainable economy (like germany is close to being) overnight- but to continue on the path of least resistance while praying to ourselves that it isn't really doing harm to continue polluting is not 'intelligent' So if we keep crapping in our own backyard- don't complain to the neighbors about their stink- just put your gas mask on- and grow your vegetables in your underground greenhouse- FEAR not, there is no man behind the curtain :)

    Hey- that was really fun to write- The fear factor of environmentalism is funner than putting duct tape and plastic around your windows in fear of bioterrorism:0