Lit & The Arts Gibson, Sterling, Stephenson and Cyberpunk's Effects on Modern Internet Society

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    Gibson, Sterling, Stephenson and Cyberpunk\'s Effects on Modern Internet Society

    Some days, I honestly think I'm the last cyberpunk out there. It's hard to get a grasp on the word, since it has -as a subculture- died out. However, I believe that is because Gibson and Sterling were ahead of their time. The concepts presented were in contrast to the decades when the movement first appeared.

    -from Mirrorshades Postmodern Archive

    It has evolved, but I think its remenants travel with us everytime we're online. The virtual has become the last frontier for everything, a second wild west. Is that different from how Gibson viewed the sprawl, as an almost-lawless zone of urban blight? Or, better yet, how he viewed the Matrix?

    Neuromancer and Snow Crash remain relevant to this very instant. I suggest people who haven't read them go out and get started, and those who have read them speak up with their opinions. I'm very interested in what people have to say.