Chit Chat Ghost for sale on e Bay

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by helenheaven, Dec 5, 2004.

  1. helenheaven

    helenheaven Premium Member

    A woman is auctioning her father's "ghost" on e Bay to assuage her son's fear of his grandfather's ghost.

    So far it has drawn 34 bids with a top offer of $US78.

    Hmm, can understand the mother trying to calm her son by saying the "ghost" has gone.... but why not just tell the child it was given away, or some other story.

    In my mind, she's just yet another fruit loop.
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  2. pineappleupsidedown

    pineappleupsidedown Premium Member

    If she can get 78 bucks for it, then she might as well sell it instead of "giving it away". I'm personally more worried about the buyers.
  3. marg6043

    marg6043 Premium Member

    Funny just funny, giving away a ghost, I bet the poor grandfather most be upset that his ghost is being given away.

    I think this give me an idea I will give away my aches on e-bay too, may be I will feel better after that.

    What you think people?:o
  4. drlau

    drlau Premium Member

    I was thinking the same thing - I have a veritable stockpile of aches, pains, and complaints that I would be more than happy to part with.

    Unfortunately, I am sure they would be replaced by others. Wait, maybe this is a source of perpetual income - if the market will support it...
  5. cpr12r

    cpr12r New Member

    Someone is stupid enough to buy a ghost off ebay... this is a sad day for mankind.
  6. marg6043

    marg6043 Premium Member

    In my caribean Island riddle with vodoo, santeria and spiritism, you find stories in how to buy a spirit at the cemetary for one penny to work for you to be used as to scare somebody that you don't like.:cool:

    Is not actually being stupid but more of what your beliefs are.
  7. zhangmaster

    zhangmaster New Member

    you'll be happy to know that that cane went to $65,000 on Ebay, bought in a brilliant move by Golden Palace Casinos. They also bought the "Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese" for a huge price as well. At first I thought they were morons for doing it, but it was actually a great idea. I mean, they were able to get publicity over the entire country twice for under $100,000. Compare that to a multimillion dollar superbowl ad that goes on for a mere 30 seconds. This was on TV, posted all over the internet, and written in newspapers. But as for the rest of the bidders who actually went up to $65,000 without the motive of advertising, well, I can't say much for their state of mind
  8. Batchelor

    Batchelor New Member

    Ghost for sale

    I bought a ghost the other day, but when I got it home the box was empty... How do I get my money back?
  9. zhangmaster

    zhangmaster New Member

    for only a penny more, you can do what marg6043 does and buy a ghost to scare the seller into giving the money back....:0
  10. I have to agree with pinnapple...I am worry that the buyers have gone off the deep end > What would one do with a used ghost anyway. By the way I have some prime Alabama Zombies for sale if anyone is interested ...I could use a few bucks.
  11. helenheaven

    helenheaven Premium Member

    I've got a few tangiwhas for sale....

    eeek, no I don't !
  12. sean2000

    sean2000 New Member

    i'd like to buy a ghost for one penny where can i get one and can i chose?:bouncy:
  13. mscbkc070904

    mscbkc070904 Premium Member

    Ok you talk about people buying a ghost on Ebay, what about the morons that bid on "poop". Why not just go to the bathroom and get your own, its unique, its one of a kind, its yours and its free!
  14. mscbkc070904

    mscbkc070904 Premium Member

    Plus when it gets old, get a new one....
  15. malik

    malik Premium Member

    cpr12r -"Someone is stupid enough to buy a ghost off ebay... this is a sad day for mankind. "

    Hear Hear
    Thats funny and at the same time very disturbing!
  16. JcMinJapan

    JcMinJapan Premium Member

    I think that this just goes to show that people will try to scam anyone. She of course is using her sons fear and asking people to feel sorry for him to buy the ghost. Why does she not just give it to someone free if it is for her son? What would the difference be? Nothing, that is why she just wants money. But, I am sure the person will get a certificate. Hey, I am scared of all of the Titanic Ghosts... someone want to buy them all... only $150 each and you own a piece of history. I will even send a certificate of the persons name and only one per person. BTW.... I will be selling Darwins Ghost for about $5,000 and Einsteins for right around $10,000.

    I have asked all of the ghosts that have ever died to speak to me if they did not want me to represent them in the sales. But, none answered by the deadline, so legally I represent any ghost that has died prior to February 23rd, 2005. You all can fight over the rest, because I have too many clients now.......

    BTW, all ghost will be compensated with each sale.

  17. _Angel_1991

    _Angel_1991 Premium Member

    Humanity is gonna go extinct....