Sociology Gay Need Permission to Attend School Dances

Discussion in 'Sociology' started by Bleys, Dec 5, 2004.

  1. Bleys

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    Recently a school district in the State of Utah banned gay and lesbian students from attending school dances. The administrators cited "safety" as a reason for keeping these students from the dances. Fearing that other students may harm them.

    The gay and lesbian students protested outside their school regarding this ban and administrators believe they now have a solution to the problem.


    A couple of things about this bother me:

    1) How can a school discriminate who a student brings as a date to a dance?
    2) Why are the perpetrators of such harassment not barred - why are we punishing the victims?
    3) Is this a simple case of CYA on the part of the school?

    All right, let me have it - is the school out of line?

  2. pineappleupsidedown

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    Straight girls can bring their bfs as dates

    Straight girls can bring their best girl friends as dates

    but a ******* girl cannot bring her gf?

    thats stupid IMO

    the egg throwers should have gotten punished by the law, why did everyone tolerate it?

    Course, this is also in Utah...and that says something.

    Another issue: What if their parents do not know the student is ***? I know plenty of *** people who are plenty open about their sexuality at school but they keep their family in the dark. What are people like them supposed to do if they have to have a parent consent form?

  3. marg6043

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    Funny how double standards work in this country.

    I remember that when boys did not want to dance, girls will dance with each other.

    And that was ok.

    But boys dancing together was off limits and tolerance.

    Now if girls dance together, is still ok, as long as is not defined contact as lesbians, but is still ok.

    This takes me to the conclusion that is not the fear of two girls together but two boys together are still something that most cannot digest, usually the "straight" male counterparts are the ones that are "afraid", and usually violence or hate will erupt when they see male to male contact that is to close for comfort.:love:
  4. rawiea

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    Back when I was in school (pre-1970) I had to walk through 4 feet of snow just to travel between home and school. It was 5 miles uphill BOTH ways. :shk:
    In high school my date had to be from our school or a neighboring one. That meant no out of the county "foreigners". She had to be in 9, 10, 11, or 12th grade. Nobody younger and without exception, no "older, already graduated" women. She might have preyed on me, I guess.
    Several kids had to miss our Homecoming and Prom because their date graduated the year before.
    The names are different, but things stay the same, don't they? Somebody still has to decide who you can like.

    BLEYS, ---2) Why are the perpetrators of such harassment not barred - why are we punishing the victims? ........ In this country we have a HISTORY of punishing the victim. I'm sure you have read some of the threads on ATS, or failing that the daily newspapers.
    Too many times just a little Authority gets misused. UTAH. What would happen if somebody had a whole bunch of authority?

    pineappleupsidedown, ---a parent consent form? As in "a GAY parent consent form? What a novel idea. You really ought to contact a Legislator about that. Okay, I know you were not serious, and neither was I. However, if anybody in DC reads those words, we may hear of it again. I will feel proud that I saw them first here.
    I've here 2 days and made 2 posts, not bad for somebody who almost didn't join. So far I like it. Who knows, maybe some day I will go out there without the life jacket of you Moderators.
  5. pineappleupsidedown

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    thats what i was refering to rawiea. Those students were told they had to get permission slips from their parents...What if their parents didnt know? they just cant bring anyone to dances then?

  6. Bleys

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    It's nice to see a school admit their error. Kudos to them.

  7. /Future Corpse/

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    I suppose that this is the obvious question, but what does it matter who you love? :shk: Incidently, I am conditioned into being straight, but that does not mean that it is the only way.

    It is all about certain groups feeling threatened and taking out their fears on others not like them.