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    OddTodd wins the first GM final round!

    He discovered the item was picture of Junior Smiths parents taken at Vagabond Lodge in Leysin Switzerland.

    A very long game(10-7 thru 11-23) with very hardworking players, and a congrats to OddTodd for being the first in the ::Gamemaster:: hall of fame!

    Oddtodd ran as one of 4 gamemaster finalists:

    Round 1: A bottle of Steinlager beer at the bar of the world's deepest pub, In Gold Reef City, Johannesburg, South Africa correctly guessed by pennyforyourthoughts.

    Round 2: Thomsonite, first discovered in 1820 in Old Kilpatrick, Scotland correctly guessed by oddtodd.

    Round 3: The older man 30km from the Tungusta Event reportedly blown 12-15m into a tree, causing a compound fracture of his arm, died on June 30th 1908, in Tungusta, Siberia in a reindeer herder camp of the Evenks (Tungus) on the Nizhnyaya Dilyushma and Avarkitta guessed by pineappleupsidedown.

    Round 4: One of the oldest known bat fossils, preserved in Fossil Lake at Fossil Beds National Monument, Kemmerer, Wyoming, USA correctly guessed by ILovePizza.

    And now, a word(or a few) from our winner:
    AHHHHHH !!! What A relief !!! I actually gave up on this and gave pineapple all my info , then I dropped back in , then quit again form frustration , then I sent junior_smith a u2u saying I would formally resign if he would tell me the answer (just to free up some brain space) , he would not , and did not even respond to my u2u .(I know this was an attempt to drive me over the edge so I tried some more )

    I gave up again , and had just told ILP I was going to give all my info away to even out the playing field but before I could I got a u2u from pineapple (who found the location) saying " GET ON IM RIGHT NOW AND LETS GET THIS THING OVER WITH !!" (capitals are mine , she did not yell...)

    We went back and forth with ideas and wound up coming to the same conclusion (I think) . She asked one question to isolate the people further while I grabbed for the brass ring with mine .

    The hall of fame is cold and lonely , I need company !!! I brought my own throne and will keep the seat warm to share with the next GM arrival !

    Special thanks to drlau for shooting me a link that helped a bunch , and pineapple for not editing my winning question !! lol As well as being a great team player !

    Now I must rest and relieve the tension , someone pull my finger please , my brain still hurts .....
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    Gopher wins GameMaster2!

    Gopher won the second rouns of GM finals by finding the password: oxymoron and logging into the member account GameMaster. The thread can be found here


    The four finalists for this round were:

    Gopher: For finding Mark Totten, the plumber at Knox College. http://ignorancedenied.com/viewthread.php?tid=1176

    Awokenmind: For finding Antonio Rodriguez at the University of Alabama. http://ignorancedenied.com/viewthread.php?tid=1753

    OddTodd: For finding the book 'Angels and Demons' by Dan Brown in Il Passeto under the Vatican. http://ignorancedenied.com/viewthread.php?tid=2110

    Icewolf: For solving our first password round which was 'marsupial' http://ignorancedenied.com/viewthread.php?tid=2435

    Now some words from the winner: