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  1. Sauron

    Sauron New Member

    Anyone good with cryptograms I’m not. I’m limited to crossword puzzles
    The one below is 389 years old and unsolved from what I have read, any takers

    can some one tell me what they mean the planet can float? I thought all planets float in space


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  2. Mizar

    Mizar Premium Member

    We all know that the density of water is 1.0g/cm3 anything that has a density less than that floats. Saturns Density is less than water so if you could place it in a giant bath tub or body of water it would float.

    if you want to know more about saturn you picked a great time. the cassini space craft is orbiting it now and conducting a 4 year tour of its moons and ring system. saturns largest moon, Titain, is the only moon in the solar system to have an atmosphere. even better the atmospher is full of hydrocarbons and resembles that of early earth. the huygunes (sp) craft will be droped into the moons atmosphere by cassini uh.. some time next year... i think( the date that is).

    full information on the mission here.....

    and intrested in seeing saturn? saturn is so bright in the sky you can see it with your eyes alone..... no it just appears as a star.

    in the early morning hours 30min before sunrise looking east you should see a incredibly bright "star" that is venus just to the upper right of venus should be a relitavly brig star that is slightly cream collored and that is saturn. this only holds true for about 2 weeks then the position changes and new directions are needed.
  3. Sauron

    Sauron New Member

    So does that mean there is more space, emptiness between the molecules that make up the planet? Soil, ground, atmosphere. Forgive me if this sounds lame,
  4. Zsandmann

    Zsandmann Premium Member

    No it means that the density of the elements is it composed of is less. Ie Hydrogen, Helium, Oxygen, etc. Saturn has no solid core, it is only gas and ice.

    Density is the amount of mass (grams) that fits in an volume of space (cc - subic centimeters). Water has a density of 1 gram per cc.

    In comparison, earth's average denity ranges from 2.7-4 grams per cc, so if earth was put in water instead of space it would sink.

    Water is composed of 2 hydrogen atoms - very light and one oxygen atom - pretty heavy. If saturn would float, it must have a density of less than 1 g/cc. This probably means there is little oxygen and it is mainly: helium, hydrogen, etc.

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  5. Mizar

    Mizar Premium Member

    saturn is made entirely out of gas. it has no solid surface. and from science the 3 main stages of matter are. Liquid solid gas. in a solid the molocules are closely packed. in a liquid they are not as close which alows it to flow eaiser and in a gas it is very loose.
    changes in state are all done by transfers of heat but yes in a gas there is more "space" between each molecule but density is stil the same. density doesnt matter how much quanity of the subsance you have it is a constant property.

    jupiter saturn uranus and neptune area all gas planets. saturn and jupiter are Gas Giants uranus and neptune are Ice Giants.

    they literally have no solid surface. itis belived jupiter could have possibly colpased into a star itself.
  6. Sauron

    Sauron New Member

    Well thank you guys I understand now, I learned something new today.
    Now witch one of you’s are going to crack Galileo’s cryptogram

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  7. lord_lizarus

    lord_lizarus Premium Member

    I did it I deciphered a 400 year old code woooooooohoooooooo
    it was a substitution code and I came out with this
  8. xu

    xu Premium Member

    the density of water is not 1.0 gr/cm3 universally, it is just 1.0g/cm3 at sea level on earth.

    saturns density is not less than the water on earth, even if the matter present there is in its gas form, the much higher gravity plus the pressure causes the matter to compress and thus become much more dense and heavier than it is on earth. while 1cm3 water on earths surface would weight 1.0 gr, the same volume of water on saturn would weight like say ~100 gr (well you get the idea). under enough atmospheric pressure and gravity liquid or gas can become heavier than the steel on earth per volume.

    I also think that saturn would sink in that giant bath tub full of earth water, but I guess that will never be tested scientifically so I wont bet on it. :)

    lord lizarus you will get the nobel for that :D
  9. lord_lizarus

    lord_lizarus Premium Member

    lol hope so thanks:bouncy:
  10. Iceberg

    Iceberg Premium Member

    Why TOBE tho? and three-bodied?
  11. lord_lizarus

    lord_lizarus Premium Member

    I dunno I think TOBE is some sort of scientific formulae and three bodied ... well I'm still working on that:??:
  12. lord_lizarus

    lord_lizarus Premium Member

    I think I got it. Saturn is made up of a planet and 2 main rings. Three bodies?
  13. Iceberg

    Iceberg Premium Member

    Ahhhh that makes sense.... two rings, and a main planet = three bodies. Smartt lord_lizarus...

    Any luck with TOBE?
  14. lord_lizarus

    lord_lizarus Premium Member

    unfortunately no whenever I try and search for results I always end up with dozens of websites with To Be I'll keep searching though but I have a ton of homework to get through as well:bnghd:
  15. Icewolf

    Icewolf Premium Member

    Has anyone thought that it might not be in english?

    - Ice -
  16. lord_lizarus

    lord_lizarus Premium Member

    Ahhhh just got it. I can't believe I never noticed it it was so obvious. Sauron forgot to put a space and so TOBE actually is To Be. It fits perfectly
    I have observed the highest planet to be three bodied
    Basically he was saying:
    I noticed that the highest planet is three bodied
    Hope I've got it now:grin:
  17. Pookey

    Pookey Member

    If it were really written by Gallileo, it would have been written in either Italian or Latin, so first you would need to dechiper the cryptogram into Italian or Latin, then translate it to English to figure it out. Italian and Latin are both not my strongest languages though.
  18. lord_lizarus

    lord_lizarus Premium Member

    I see your point but it couldn't have been a coincidence that it translated into english that way. Now I'm really confused. - unless he got someone to translate it into english first so that it was harder for the italians to crack

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  19. Iceberg

    Iceberg Premium Member

    To Be! Makes sense :)

    Isn't it possible that someone solved it in italian, and then translated it into english, making sure that it made sense when solved?
  20. lord_lizarus

    lord_lizarus Premium Member

    you might be right there iceberg I just did a search on galileo galilee and I found this

    (Galileo's discovery of the 'handles' of Saturn was encoded in 'Smaismrmilmepoetaleumibunenugttaviras', which could be unscrambled as 'Altissimum planetam tergeminum observavi': I have observed the highest of the planets three-formed)

    damn all that code cracking wasted...

    P.S I don't know how to quote