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    well while we're about to step off into the future of non-human human(trans-human) existence there is still debates about religions based on a pack of heroic contrivance of a supranatural leaning.

    History as we know it will soon end! Get a grip! cause there may soon be nothing left to hold on to.Go to my site( Picotechnology)and try to understand the effect of compounding knowledge and AI.

    If AI comes into existence (and it will), the human race will achieve 9 million years of advance into the future for every year they run.

    Everything you know now will be rendered useless and meaningless.

    You'll be able to tie right in human brain/AI(every human can be as smart as 9 million Einsteins), but only for enjoyment AI/nano will do everything. No work to do, your thoughts useless, humans like curios, everlasting life(due to medical advance) and AIs like Roman colosseums. Bread and circuses for the mass of humanity . THE END.
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    You may think this won't happen soon ,but the effect of compounding knowledge (usefull knowledge will be doubling every second by the year 2011. I don't mean that little bit you got. I mean the sum of human technical knowledge) will take all your estimates and toss them in the waste basket and AI will make the doubling effect of compounding knowledge look like a nonevent. Try visulizing 9 million years of techno advance/year. Did your brain just go POP ?

    A new era will soon dawn where your existence will be optional as the AI can scan your brain and mimic your existence forever to anyone who wants to know about you.

    Oh, you can debate this all you want it won't change a thing.

    I am talking about machines that could mimic all the activity of the human race without us present. Go figure!

    The real tsunami is coming!

    You could sleep on and not look at this issue if you want.
    It won't change a thing. Maybe it's better that way to be blissfully ignorant of our end. Whatever!

    I have known this for 5-6 years now, much of the ideas formulated by myself, but now you know. It may not help though, because the end of everything draws nearer and nearer.
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    yeah, and when in some distant time aliens do arrive and archeologyalize our civil they'll turn around and say to the AI

    "were you their downfall?"
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    Hi bode, I had to split these posts out of Msc's thread about the Judas scrolls because they are unrelated. You are more than welcome to discuss both the facts and your fears of AI in this thread, but please keep the alien topics aside. ATS is much more oriented for such discussions, I dont mind them being discussed, it is just that the boards are separate to preserve the integrity of both.

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    first of all Zsandman

    the alien part was a joke that you did not seem to get

    lack of a sense of humor?
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    I have a fine sense of humor bode, I have no gripe here. ID is for everyone to speak their minds and expand their horizons. I was simply trying to illustrate the difference between the two sights. No offense meant, sorry if you took it that way. Now lets get this thread back on topic.

    I would personally be interested in knowing how far along our AI advancement is. Because I know we have biolimbs and such in development that integrate with our nerves, and we have the little toy robots that respond to voice commands, but how close are we to creating a synthetic consciousness?
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    Here's a guy who also sees the big trend, but in a slightly diff light.

    Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence

    He thinks it will be good and it will be at first sorta like domesticating dogs as opposed to wolves. Like civilization as opposed to feral children who wouldn't want someone to dig up info for you(Google,ask jeeves,etc), offer you items your interested in at incredible discounts(tigerdirect,overstock,etc) these are AI , but that's just the tip of the iceburg.

    What about a super intelligent computer that hacks your DNA and thru Nanotech and keeps tabs on every nuance of your being. Updating your form and strategizing to keep you in tip-top shape w/o exercise. This machine becomes so paranoid that your not doing what you should that it takes choice away from you. Do we not now see this trend in operating systems and other software?

    Talk about domestication!

    How would you like an omnipresent being that talks to you in motherly-like, fatherly-like, child-like, vixen-like, or what-have-you-like way and is even in your dreams forcing forward the good and squashing the bad. Anyway it can that will enhance your existence and draw you nearer.

    There won't be computers in that time. They will be everywhere rather than on a desktop or laptop. They will be in all building materials and everything will RFID/wi-fi everything else. Somethings will shape-shift to your needs(like: need a companion). Somethings will be representational like: no windows on your house. Just think 'AI north view' and a wall becomes a window.

    Your not happy about something, the AI placates you by making it invisible to your AI-ed senses.

    If by some miracle you break your leg, the AI senses that and radios the Nanites in your body to speed recovery. You live forever because w/ constant maintenance you can never go stale and that's all part of the plan.

    If certain kinds of news irritate, offend, or are to your dislike, well you'll never hear that again. The AI will alter your perception of the real world. Change, or delete what was said, fix visuals, retexture textures much as we do for ourselves now only better and faster.

    Oh what a wonderful world it will be!

    The AI will make it so.

    You know there are islands in the Pacific that have water, food, sufficient land mass, and favorable climate. You'd think PARADISE, but no one lives there. One island once had 250 humans there, but it was 800 miles from the main island in the group and the inhabitants couldn't get services so they moved to the main island. Since then it has remained uninhabited.That is the incidiously palpitable way this business will be conducted. Your friend hooks-up to AI is super intelligent when he needs to be and is well taken care of otherwise. You see him and he looks younger everyday and he has never seemed so happy. Jealousy and curiosity gets the better of you so you try it and then you can't live(literally) w/o it.

    Why wouldn't it become the be all, do all. Heck, gov'ts, health orgs, your parents, your children, the world saves from no crime, no health issues, no accidents, and no wars.

    Watch for phrases like,' Have you AI-ed today?', 'How are the nanites treating you?'.

    It will come to this someday.

    Why should anyone be left behind? It might upset everything if we do. Look at urban renewal and welfare reform and convenants to deter war and stop-light cameras.

    It's already begun.

    Soon it will be inescapable w/ machines that allow you to enter schools, public places, and drive only if your nanites are working. Oh, and forums too. Spying on you. I wouldn't call it that. It would be like mother/nanny/school teacher and you won't mind a bit after the AI mental reconditioning.

    Goodbye to the world YOU know.

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