Human Biology 'Frank' the tumor is dead; boy recovering

Discussion in 'Human Biology' started by Bleys, Feb 16, 2005.

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    \'Frank\' the tumor is dead; boy recovering

    Happy ending to a terrible ordeal.

    When 9 year old David Grover was diagnosed with a brain tumor he decided to name his adversary Frank. His mother sold bumper stickers proclaiming "Frank Must Die" in a bid to secure money for the boy's medical bills.

    Just a great story to make your day.


  2. kiwirobin

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    It is nice to hear stories of triumph like this bleys.
    Spooky since I just heard yesterday from my sister that her friends child of three years just passed away, also with a brain tumor.
    Makes me feel so blessed with my healthy daughter.
    Sometimes miracles do happend but more often than not we are confronted with our mortality.
    Even more reason to everyday share your love with those that deserve it. Do it today because tommorow can be a lifetime away.
    HUGS from kiwi