Zoology Fossil shows baby dinosaur in mammal's belly

Discussion in 'Zoology' started by Bleys, Jan 12, 2005.

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    Fossil shows baby dinosaur in mammal\'s belly

    I thought this was such an interesting story.

    I admit I was also of the belief that early mammals would have been scavengers and hid from larger predators. To think that even the earliest mammals were predatory in nature is fascinating to say the least.


    Full story can be found - here
  2. bodebliss

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    pic of skeleton

    pic of artist concept
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    Seeing how intact thePsittacosaurus skeleton was, it doesn't seem to have been chewed very well. I wonder how the snout morphology of the predator and the status of the prey in its stomach can be corrolated to tell details about mastication strategies? Could the mammals have downed "hunks" of prey crocodile-style? I haven't recieved that issue of Nature yet, sorry if this is already
    addressed in the article.
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    I feed my dog chicken thighs and he brakes the bone w/ his powerful jaws and swallows it whole.
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    A cat-like mamal eating a bird-like dinosaur does not seem so far fetched or unuexpected to me. :no:
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    Very interesting to see that we had mammals alone side the dinosaurs, I wonder if the perception that big dinosaurs were like birds is true.

    I think is a lot to learn from the dinosaurs still. I feel that we may have the view on these creatures all wrong.

    I can not picture a big creature with lizard like feature and body and at the same time link to birds. Seems to awkward to me.