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Discussion in 'Physical Science' started by tablet, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. tablet

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    What exactly is gravity and where does it comes from? can someone shed some light?
  2. Icewolf

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    As far as my astronomy teacher told me gravity has more to do with the mass of an object, the greater the mass the greater the gravity,
    Size doesn't matter though.
    For example a black hole is smaller than a pea yet has a huge mass, for more information u could google it or w8 till i get the sheet of my teacher
  3. amantine

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    According to general relativity, gravity is caused by bending of spacetime. The particles actually travel on straighest possible lines called geodesics. Because we can't see the shape of spacetime, it seems like the particles are actually attracted by a force like the one described by Newton.

    Mass and energy both contribute to the stress-energy tensor, which influences the curvature of spacetime. In low-speed, low-density situations, the equations of general relativity approximate Newtonian gravity.
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    Well, What "is" gravity? hmmm... No one knows 100% for sure. The only thing we know for sure is the effect of gravity or what is does. We do not know what gravity "is" though. I heave heard it described as a "field of influence". Now, that is in my perception the best we can come up with right now. I have heard that one theory is, is that gravity is make up of particles of gravitons which are moving at the speed of light. But, this concept has not been proven. The easiest way to describe gravity without the math is to just call it a force of attraction that exists between two things. (things = object, mass, particles).

    An interesting effect and way to look at gravity is to look at the space station. Now, gravity keeps the space station in orbit. But, there is not gravity inside the space station. Well, maybe there is a millionth of Earth gravity in there, but nothing noticeable. Now, gravity keeps the space station in orbit, but the space station is is constant free-fall and that is why there is no gravity on the space station.

    Now, for the more official version. Anyone want to take up the challenge on the last paragraph of the quote below? ;)
    Also, the website has a great gravity table for the mathematically inclined.

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    Yeah I heard that to, but the problem is that picking up light was easily done using a machine because people could see light and it could be noted. But gravity is one of the great unknowns, (a bit like the big crunch)
    so scientist make a hypothesis based on light, gravitons - photons, gravity is said to move in waves etc
    Thats y gravity is so amazing because we know so little about it.
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    well, where does gravity come from?

    pretty much thats a perdsonal question. where does anythig come from? lets just say,... God made it- or whatever u belive.
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    Thanks for responding to my post.
    Gravity is determined y a number of factors. It's empirically electro-magnetically created, however, stability is the key in this assumption. Look into the "strong" and "weak" forces, and compare thye implications of Issac Newton to the attitudes of today,.........
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    I have been looking into gravitrons for a discussion in yermon's thread over a gravity room and found this really cool film over an experiment in space using graviton..very intersting.
    check it out.

    can't get it to show as a link so you'll have to do it manually, my appologies
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    Kiwirobin that video was cool and if u think about it all space is spinning. The never ending spirals of space. For example the moon spinning round, the earth spinning round the sun, the sun along with other stars may be spinning around a gigantic star. Who knows.
  10. Ape

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    srry moon round earthm, earth round sun.