Human Biology For All Coffee Addicts...GOOD News!!!!!

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    From Media Group AAP Wires
    AAP 4 - 21/01/2001 12:40:00 - Jpn:
    Coffee drinkers less likely to get liver cancer

    Jpn: Coffee drinkers less likely to get liver cancer

    Med Coffee (TOKYO)
    Japanese researchers say people who drink more than one cup of coffee a day are less likely to develop liver cancer than those who
    do not.

    A team at Tohoku University in Japan has compiled the data based on a study of about 61,000 adults.

    But Professor ICHIRO TSUJI says the team is yet to pinpoint the substance in coffee which appears to curb liver cancer.

    He says coffee helps lower the risk of cirrhosis, and that
    chlorogenic acid -- present in coffee beans -- has proven in an animal study to reduce the risk of liver cancer.
    AAP RTv evt/sh/rt c

    Yay for me and the rest of us CuppaJoeAddicts

    O.NoelNoel, the Angels did say,
    Was a happy OdraNoel, we he got paid......'

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    I better start drinking coffee now, i am caffeine addict, but I dont drink coffee, always a good time to start, eh?

    Whats amazing is that lately it seems the things that are bad for you there are certain things now being found to be good for you.
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    Too right! Good v. Bad

    I know, peanut paste, burnt toast, fish, eggs, the sun, chicken..........we should compile a list of things that have been once good or bad and are then swapped over (from demonstrable [medical] experiment, clinical, survey results).

    Remember when smoking was cool early last century?

    Remember when making your bed was good. (see dustmite story 'Messy Bed' thread- Biology.

    Well I have to go and have a coffee so I can't start a list yet!! And I'll have some fish now we've heard it COULD help prevent Alsheimer's Disease.

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    I laughed cause of some of the stuff you mentioned and then they were bad, so bad liek rot your teeth, clog your arteries, slows down your brain, kills brain cells, makes you fat, now some of the stuff that did that back then is now being praised that it can help you in other places.