Sociology Food For Thought: Drugs, Society, $$$ & Terrorism

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    This is something I have to state, its somewhat opinion, but the some of the things I have to state are factual. I am watching a show on entertainment tv about drugs and fame. I came to a conclusion or opinion and did a quick research on this online. I just felt it was needed to be said to help those or make those think about this.

    We talk about how America and other countries need to fix itself in the problems it has internally. But of course you have $$$ that are always not there to fund programs. Now I dont want to target politicians, this is not about them.

    Each year Americans alone spend 65 Billion dollars to get high. Think about that, 65 billion, money used there for a 5 min to a few hrs of being high, could be spent on other things in our society.

    Then you have the US public as well as some other countries that want to strip the war on drugs program, take its funding, downsize its personnel because its not producing the results.

    The you have the public that wants to authorize certain controlled narcotics. Are we really fighting the problem or are we just making it worse?

    Overall, and this is really targeted at the youth of today, drugs are not cool, they do nothing for you. I know you have heard this a 1000 times before, but really wat does it do for you. You work a part time job so to say and it takes you what 7-8 hrs of busting your hump to buy a pill(s), a dimebag, to get you in the state of mind of being high for 5 min or longer?

    It does nothing for you. Trust me on this, I was one of those types back in the late 80's. When we had more access to that kind of stuff. And now, yeah you can get it, but alot of that stuff is spiked, dangerous chems in it and yeah you might see one of your friends have a buzz going on, but remember one thing, your physiology is different from everyone else. So you reaction will be different, epsecially if you are not careful.

    Dont do it, dont waste your time or money on the stuff. I have lost friends, family, money, piece of mind, intelligence, common sense, becuase I was stupid. All because I wanted to be liked to have new friends to hang out in places I couldnt get into, etc.

    What made me stop, I will tell you, I was tripping on Acid with a friend in his room, he decided to go out to the balcony and thought he could fly, I watched him "fly" 4 stories down head first into the sidewalk and at that time, I was tripping so bad I thought it was cool what he did, until I came down and realized, my friend could only be determined by dental records, no matter what we said on who he was cause we were all screwed up.

    Its not worth it, not worth the $$$ to spend and if you get hooked, all it does it destroy you, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

    Just please, those who may still do it, even a few times is still not good enough, quit it. Think about the money you spend, you are making some pusher/dealer rich and have all the things he/she wants while you have nothing and he/she doesnt even work or pay taxes. And where does that dealer/pusher get his/her product from? Does it help fund terrorist? Does it help fund other ways to get pass or pay off port officials, ccounternarcotic agents, border patrols to let them pass with it? The only thing they care about is you being the repeat consumer, cause you are putting $$$ in their pocket.

    And if we are not careful, this problem with narcotics will continue to degrade our society, the way we think, feel, act and if we continue, this could be a terrorist equation for bio/chem warfare in our streets, thru the market and sale of drugs. If we spend 65 billion/yr thats about 7-8 million users in America alone. And if they use it as a method of comitting a terrorist attack on the US, thats the sure way to do it, cause that will cause at least statistically 3-5 million USER deaths, along with an additional 4-6 NON User deaths cause they were around the persons that use.

    Food for thought. Think about it and if you know friends that use, try to help them, you are only being a friend and you care.

    These #'s are only estimates, got them from a DEA research project and the Homeland Security along with additional sources about terrorist using narcotics as a sleeper agent into committing acts of terrorism on US soil. But this act of, is being tested in other countries as well.
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    This isnt meant to upset or be a conspiracy statement, its just the plain truth and I am only trying to deny ignorance. If any of the Admin think this is inappropriate, please do remove it then. And I apologize to anyone that I may have offended.

    Thank you
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    Offend? not at all.

    I believe this should be here because the majority members here at ID are young.
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    Thank you for your support. I really appreciate it, just trying to make a point about a problem that has been one and what it can do. I just dont want anyone to go down that road, its really not worth it
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    I think all of us who spent our youth in the pursuit of the ultimate high in the late 80s have huge regrets - but alas people learn best and sometimes only from the school of hard knocks. I know I was lucky - when I moved in with Seth (who despises drugs) he kept me clean. I was a coke person - it didn't make me reak, my house was never cleaner, and it was out of my system in 48 hours. Meeting and moving in with Seth was the best thing that happened to me - I feel for sure that I would have lost everything had I stayed with my habit all my friends did and I was no different than any of them - save Seth.

    At the very least for anyone considering trying drugs and thinking they are only risking themselves ought to read the following article.

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    Working with numbers and sharp spinning objects for a living as I do now (after 10 years as a partying proffesional cook) made my demons appear on weekends instead of every work day .

    I slowly lost the desire to escape and started reading anything I could get my hands on .

    I like me and all , but I could be furthur up the evolutionary ladder had I made some better choices 20 years ago . I might be working with my mind for $$ instead of my body (which is showing signs of wear...)

    Stay away from anything that changes who you are !!!! It could be a relationship , drugs , alchohol , too much time on the computer when you should be in shorts running thru a sprinkler .

    Log off , go play in the sun , say no to drugs , go to college .

    * The voices of experience here are not bragging , just sharing the truth to educate and influence our young friends into making good choices for themselves .
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    Ok, so drugs are not productive- they are a social vent tho-
    Most of TV isn't productive either They are both mind numbing, and you pay to be entertained- cute doggy commercials and all.

    I'm not a drug user, but neither do I drink alcohol. I numb my brain by playing computer games, but not lately (the last 6 months)

    I really don't think college is the answer either- the first two years are just a continuation of high school- If you need to pay someone to get the credit for learning the material- just buy the book instead and get a haircut and a real job. Amd then make them pay for your continuing education- On the job training is IMHO superior to a classroom.

    $$ isn't everthing, especially now when you don't have job security anyways- just a 10k student loan to pay off