Human Biology Flu Shots for Elderly Don't Save Lives

Discussion in 'Human Biology' started by Bleys, Feb 15, 2005.

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    Flu Shots for Elderly Don\'t Save Lives

    This is going to cause some controversy. A new study based on over 30 years of data shows that giving flu shots to the elderly does not and has not saved lives. The authors of the study and other researchers believe that if children between 5 and 18 were vaccinated it would actually save more lives than the current policy of vaccinating the elderly.

    I see the logic in the study but wonder how well this will sit with the masses.

    Also - if the study is based on 30 years of data and those who direct policy all agree with it - why isn't this policy being instituted by the CDC?

    Interesting read - Foxnews

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    We're so preoccupied with preventing ourselfs from getting sick that we no longer give ourselfs the chance to build up a natural immunity.
    Our evironments, food etc are all nicely sterile.
    Our immune systems built up with suppliments. Our body has little to do for itself anymore.
    When we do now get sick our bodies systems are unable to react and fight it because the immune system has been dormant.
    I rarely get sick, I don't bother with suppliments or shots, I eat normally, excersise regularly, live clean but not sterile.
    I believe that people worriy so much about becoming ill that they do.