News @ ID Florida calls for tougher sex offender laws

Discussion in 'News @ ID' started by Bleys, Apr 9, 2005.

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    Jessica Lunsford disappeared from her Florida home in February of 2005. John Couey, a convicted sex offender was later located - he confessed to kidnapping, sexually assaulting and killing the little girl. In recent days it has come to light that Couey kept the little girl in his sister's home for a number of days before burying her alive. Now it is being reported that Couey was actually employed at Jessica's elementary school.

    With these new details residents and lawmakers have vowed to create tougher penalties, including the use of electronic bracelets for tracking purposes. The School Board is proposing that any contractors perform background checks on individuals they hire.

    As a parent I gotta tell you - I like the sound of these proposals and can't believe that contractors who bid jobs for school districts weren't required to check their employees to begin with. I just wonder how well the electronic bracelet idea will go over with civil libertarians - can you continue to punish someone after they have served their time?


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    Well, if you make theargument that society benefits over the individual, someone will claim that you're a socialist Commy. If you push for the rights of the individual, then......well, the masses will rebel......or so I'm told..........
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    Personally, I do not think that the bracelet for the rest of life thing is a good idea. I mean yeah it is a sick crime, but once they have served their time, then they should not be punished for it forever. But, I would not be against sending them to jail for life. If they are free, then they should be free, if we want to get tough, then make it an automatic life sentence!

    Now, I do think that ANYONE that is employed or cotnracted by a school or especially any public institution that we taxpayers are paying for, should have their backgrounds checked.
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    Yeah, but either way, you're in the wrong...If you "free" the offender, or deceide to "get tough," and thus heavily punish, you still haven't truly solved the problem.
    Attractive forces, most commonly demonstrated by the household refrigerator magnet, seek to attach constantly, there is no grey would seem.
    My example may seem a bit pathetic, however, I feel that it may hold some substance. As a student of Psychology, I often find myself arguing for self-improvement and change, however, in this case, there is no known remedy. Look at the Micheal Jackson case.......and he's gained fame, money, influence, and the rights to the hard work of Lennon and McCartney.

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