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    Thought some of these were interesting that I found on the web. Some I knew some I didnt. Here they are:

    - Try sticking your tongue out as far as it will go. Do you think you have long tongue? Well, compare your tongue with a giraffe's. A giraffe's tongue can sometimes be over a foot and half long!

    - There are some very strange laws in America. For example, in Milwaukee, it is against the law to take your pet elephant for a walk unless your elephant is on a lead; and in Illinois, bees are forbidden to fly over the town, though it is doubtful whether anyone has managed to stop them breaking the law!

    - There was once a snake in London Zoo, which was fitted with a glass eye.

    - Did you know that baby hippos are born under-water!

    - Did you know that there is a sort of crab, which can climb trees?
    It is called the coconut crab, because it eats coconuts, which it finds by climbing the palm trees where the nuts grow.

    - Cockle shells come in various sizes, but have you ever wondered how they grow? As it gets older the cockle just adds another layer to its outer shell. To work out their age you can count the rings on them just like a tree.

    - Have you heard about the strange craze in 1890?
    More than 18,000 mummified cats were sold in Liverpool, England. Everyone wanted to own one. There were so many that the auctioneer used one instead of a hammer. Twenty tons of them were shipped from Egypt where they were discovered in a 2000 year old tomb.

    - Did you know that elaphant's teeth can weigh as much as nine pounds each?

    - Living together
    The tuatara is just like a reptile that lived millions of years ago, even before the dinosaurs. Today it only lives in New zealand, where it often shares a petrel's burrow. In the day, the tuatara may even be left with a baby chick while the mother hunts for food.

    - Father in charge
    The stickleback is one of the few fishes that builds a nest. The male, in his red breeding colors, makes a nest of weeds where the female lays her eggs. Then the male stays by the nest to guard the eggs until they hatch.
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    Great stuff! You know I actually toyed with the idea of mummifying my cat. There is a little place here that will mummify anything, including people.

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    It's a list of facts with no exercize of cohesion or theory.

    You can freeze dry cats, have they encased in plastic and iradiated w/ gamma rays. They will look absolutely alive forever.
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    If an animal is passed away, I think it should be buried or cremated like a family member. It should nto be mummified, just not right. OK back then, that was the ritual for death, but now, no way. I believ it disgraces the soul of the animal. And yes animals have souls, just like humans, so before that ever becomes a topic, remember we are animals too.
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    Good on ya mc,
    when will people except there place as equals to our fellow beings?
    I dont feel the need to make myself more than that.
    Sure I can do lots of things animals can't.
    But I cant swim like a dolphine or soar like an eagle or the strenght of the elephant.
    Nice posts in this section mc.