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Discussion in 'Sociology' started by tablet, Mar 3, 2005.

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    We all watched the news and saw how bad this is for the girl. Whenever we talk about fashion the female are always on the spotlight good or bad. The pressure is more on them than the male.

    Fashion - It affects how you think/act
    I am no expert in fashion study but would like to have a general discusion about it. I do believe that the things you wear and are conscious about it does affect you alot in some way.

    And not to get into conspiracy or anything but those who controls fashion controls your mind. Let's us talk both the positive and negative of fashion.

    Also, I can imagine how hard it will be like to find a decent clothing as you age.
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    This topic makes for a great Social Psych. review. You're right on with citing the pressure that Western society places upon women to remain beautiful. Once again, I'd like to bring the American dream back into the picture. Diversity has attained such a point were it's safe to say that every segment is represented in society. For the female, they can find the "model" of their choice across ethnic lines, from Beyonce to J-LO, to Lucy-Lu(Charlie's Angels' remake) to evryother model that would be the /american./
    Twenty years ago, Brooke Sheilds stood for "fashion." twenty years later, there's a "Brooke Sheilds" for everyone. the only thing that hasn't changed, is the fallacies that they convey, once again individuality compromised for "attention."(normalcy?).
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    I think the only "victims" of "fashion" tend to be teenagers who all want to conform and thus all wear the same thing whether it suits them or not. The latest fashion is also bulk produced and therefore cheap.

    I wear "classical" clothes, ie v necked white t-shirt and jeans, tailored jackets with matching skirt, black pants with boat necked tees....after a while you know your own "style". None of these outfits is trendy per se but they suit me to a T! I wouldn't wear pastel on the threat of death, I like bold colours, so would not succumb to fashion in that way.

    What I will never understand is why men continue to wear ties ??? What is it about that noose around your neck that is so appealing ??
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    Helen says: What I will never understand is why men continue to wear ties ??? What is it about that noose around your neck that is so appealing ??

    Most men that work the corporate world wear this cause its the policyof the company and because some of those in the corporate world thats all they know.

    I myself have a job lined up that requires suits to work, however, I will not be wearing a tie, I dont like them and its not required unless noted otherwise by the boss. I am not suit guy, I am jeans and T/polo type.

    But fashion is targeted toward teens and the younger adults. Some think the clothes make the man/woman so to speak. Not true, you make yourself. The clothes you wear are to your taste and standard. If someone doesnt like what you wear tell them to not look.

    But Helen is right, in time you just find your comfort zone on what you wear. I have to say that what my wife wears, it doesnt matter what it is, she looks good in it, from formal wear to bum wear, she looks good in it.