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    I couldnt really find a place for this so i will pt it here, i was going to put it in the brainteasers section but i wanted to spark a discussion about it afterwards so i put it in the lounge lol I'm sure you mods will move it but im not sure where it will be at home. Anyway here goes.

    Ok how many of the letter F (upper and lower case) can you see in the statement at the end of this thread...If this works we should be able to see who is a genius or not. I hope it works it should be fun but if it doesnt work i will hang my head in shame and you can mock me all you like :D

    ...Ok the rules are that...
    -You are only allowed to read it a maximum of 2 times (try to do it in 1 though).
    -You arent allowed to systematically gut the statement by looking at each letter by its self.
    -You are only allowed 1 go.
    -You aren't allowed to use some kind of automated search of the statement, it must be all your own work.
    -You must post your answer so no one else can see it, use this <quote><color=#333333>PLACE YOU ANSWER HERE</color></quote> but change the ><s for ][s


    ...It was Sunday and i was going for a walk, Freddie had told me of a market near the town where they sold objects that forecast the weather. I was afraid of being by my self, and the fact that all of the street lamps weren't working frightened me aswell.

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    i got what tablet got the first time, i can't be bothered putting this in a quote but his answer is hidden and i got the same.
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    It is interesting how your mind takes things as they are pronounced instead of how they are in actuallity.

    for example, phonoetically, of should be spelled "ov". which is why i think everyone looks over it when trying to count the Fs

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    Yeah I agree with Pine its amazing how the brain memorizing letter clusters instead of letters. Its like the thing where you scramble the letters except for the first and last and you can sitll raed the wrdos wtih no porlbmes.

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    :D Lol this is great, there is some interesting results going on so far, for example we have had answers ranging from 6 to 10, which is interesting cos its exactly what i expected.

    You would of thought that it would be easy to just simply count how many Fs there were in a small statement but yet we have had a range of answers rather than us being able to all come to the conclusion that there are so many Fs and that would be correct. This shows us a few ways our brain works. The actual answer is in the quote box below.

    Ok the reason i did this was to illustrate the point that our brains cant process the letter f at the end of small words, I'm not sure why but Zsandmann noticed it when he said "i missed the f in self for some reason" and junior_smith it looks like he didn't see the fs in the 3 ofs and 1 self, this is typical and loosly illustrates the persons ability to process worded infomation in their brain.

    Supposedly the nearer to 10 you get the more intelligent you are. But don't be discouraged because i scored low in this test but my IQ is 128 (well above average if you wanted to know :p ) but i was always better with numbers! :D

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