Earth Science Everest Melting - Needs Protection

Discussion in 'Earth Science' started by helenheaven, Nov 17, 2004.

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    Mount Everest should be put on a United Nations danger list as global warming threatens the Himalayan region, environmentalists said on Wednesday.

    UK-based campaign group Friends of the Earth said melting glaciers had swollen Himalayan lakes and could create floods that would risk lives and damage a unique environment.

    The group will deliver a petition to the UN's World Heritage Committee in Paris on Thursday, together with Everest climbers such as Reinhold Messner, asking for the world's highest mountain to get monitoring and assessment of the risks.

    "Mount Everest is a powerful symbol of the natural world, not just in Nepal -if this mountain is threatened by climate change, then we know the situation is deadly serious," said Prakash Sharma, director of Friends of the Earth Nepal.

    Global warming, from increased emissions of gases such as carbon dioxide, threatens violent weather conditions across the globe, scientists say. Glaciers are among the first to show signs of climate change, environmentalists say.

    "In 1953 snow and ice reached all the way to base camp, but now it ends five miles above," said Pemba Dorje Sherpa, who climbed the mountain in the fastest time of just over eight hours in May.

    "Everest is losing its natural beauty," he said in a statement. "Our communities rely on tourism. If we lose this, there will be nothing left for our children."

    Campaigners are also asking for corals reefs in Belize and glaciers in Peru to be added to the UN's danger list.
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    I m not sure you can protect Mt Everest, you can preserve it, but something with a global impact such as deglaciation can hardly be stopped by an accord or treaty. It takes serious technological advancement. Remember just because we are moving to cleaner burning fuels, nuclear, wind, solar, etc doesnt mean that the developing countries will. The countries just advancing out of third world status are gonna go for cheap industrialization, just like we did, but guess what? In general they have less landmass and more population.
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    If ice melt in various parts of the world is due to the earth going into a warming trend, nothing will stop the melt.
    I'm not totally convinced this warming is due entirely to increased emissions of gases such as carbon dioxide (man-made) either. Maybe the earth is just going a cycle, as it has done throughtout the ages? If that is the case, it will eventually go back to a colder climate.
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    thats correct, there is nothing that we can do to stop this era. People should be protecting, and giving nature more grace, instead of trying to test and clone humans, and invent technology, that we wont even use. it's rediculous...but , yes if it does happen, then yes we will be very much colder climate......