Zoology Ever seen one of these??

Discussion in 'Zoology' started by mscbkc070904, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. mscbkc070904

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    An Albino Moose?? Sorry Guys, cant seem to get the images to load right, but click on it and you will get it.
  2. drlau

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    Here they are:


    Very interesting! Do you know the frequency of albino births?
  3. parrhesia

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    I've seen one in the Northern Parts of Ontario.
    It's said to be a sacred animal, and to kill it will bring bad things. At least that's what my elders have told me.
    It's a wonderful thing to see, though. Moose are beautiful animals, and to see one that is white is kind of surreal.
  4. infinite

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    They dont look real to me,
    they look so odd, if you dont mind me saying.
  5. CarpeDiem

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    A late qoute

    No I haven't but I know it is very special.
    When was this taken??

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