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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by malik, Mar 24, 2005.

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    I am just coming out of one of my classes.. Sociology.. and the topic open for debate today was ..PoRnOGrApHy .. and the general consensus of the seminar was porn is justified and it is okay because the actors are doing what they want and not everybody is good at everything, its a job etc.

    So I have decided to open this topic to the general public at ID. I have a lot of issues with porn..:o I don’t think it should be very accessible.. honestly we have a lot of sickos in our society. Sure porn is designed for pleasure and it’s just a fantasy, but what happens when this fantasy changes in to desire and some males (sorry I am not trying to attack the male pop.) cannot satisfy the desire and go out and rape women. Should we hold the porn industries responsible for distributing porn to these sickos?..I think so..but highly unachievable.. I think there needs to be tighter control on the regulation and distribution of porn!
    Do you think watching porn can be linked to violent sexual abusers?
    Sorry I don’t know whether this topic is appropriate to post in this forum, I thought it would be interesting! :)
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    The Corn industry is sort of beyond control, the only way is to try and abolish it or put very restrictive laws on it. But then you got the amendment acts and call for this and that. Its been in battle before. And the Corn industry is like a cockroach, it just wont die. I think there is some really sick things placed on those sites that do give people ideas or if they view think its right to do such things.

    I have heard that they use Corn stuff that is altered to heal those who have sexual desires to turn them off to it, to reshape their minds to rehabilitate. Is it working, not sure, but I have heard they use it and its effective to a certain degree. Like for example those who like younger men/women, try to use therapy to get them to like more of their age. Due to the fact you like younger men/women, you may go younger and younger cause the desire isnt statisfying at that age group.

    Another form I have heard of it, this sounds sick, but sometime you have to go that route to heal, is showing a rapist, the acts of rape, thru fantasy, but they concentrate on the person its being committed to, then they put them thru a rigorous trail of it happenign to them or a family member they care alot about, for the purpose of making them upset and see thru the eyes of what they have done, to make them feel the pain and suffering.

    I have asked about this before and usually get the 'no comment' or cant 'confirm' or 'deny' answer. I think its a practice that is not welcomed at all by many, but hey if we are going to fix the problem, have to do something about it. Putting a person in jail, especially these days, isnt enough, they will most likely do it again, once released.

    IMO, if you committed rape, I always thought we should go back to the old style method of castration, WHACK it off and for women, not sure, but that individual wont commit rape ever again. But then you have humanity rights and so forth, so its a 2 sided sword and a catch 22.
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    There's a very interesting discussion about prn addiction at ATS

    Beware, they get very very personal.
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    Well, I will not really get into the ethics of it right now. But, I think too many people want to blame others for stuff they do. They will blame the industry, but in the end, we are all responsible for our own actions. Should they be held accountable? No! Should the movie industry be accountable for foul language or murders that they see at the movies? Should you be accountable for anything that you do that indirectly affects someones life? I mean if you gave your friend a piece of candy and they became fat, should they be able to blame you for their new found addiction? I say no to all of them.... These people would have done it anyways ..... they just like to blame others and use excuses for anything ....... The responsibility is on the individual.. plain and simple, they made teh choices, they did it, they screwed up, no one forced them, they should take responsibility instead of the easy out and blaming others. It is plain and simply THEIR FAULT!!!! I also feel that the insanity plea is just over used in this world today...... That should only be used for patients with documented history of serious mental illness and not from some defendant that can pay any doctor to make them mentally deficient and get a lighter sentence... again.... another easy out and a way not to blame themselves for stuff THEY DID....

    I am tired of these excuses..... :bnghd::bnghd::bnghd:
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    Your Right JC, I guess I got wrapped into the addiction to the Corn Industry as a whole in my statement. Yes they will commit these astrocities against society, but a helpful tool would be to limit the Corn industry from putting such material out there. Sex is more of a huge social issue now than it really ever has been. One source is the Corn Industry and its vagrant show of different styles of Corn used.

    I just think that the Corn industry pushes the envelope too much, intriguing and persuading minds to view it, then carry it out the act of. But yes, its the individuals fault and the kicker I cant stand about it is, that they have a disease. What a crock.

    Its weird how thing have changed in the last 20 yrs, when I was 13, sex, corn, what is that? Even at 17-18, corn was like a 'shhh' thing. If you watched that stuff, you didnt really tell other people, that was a behind close doors thing. Now, 13 yr olds out there having sex, watching corn, and looking for the next 'high' so to speak.

    And NO I am not saying all 13 yr olds, just that its retracted back, 20 yrs ago, usually sex and corn was not a thing spoken about til 18+ yrs old.
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    Except for the 70`s... :lol::lol:
    80`s, which I grew up in, were also pretty much open as well, but not as much as the 70s from what I hear.

    In the 90s things tapered off, and it is probably coming around again......
  7. mscbkc070904

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    Well, I wasnt going back that far, yes the 60's and 70's were pretty bad, but by the time the 80's hit we as society sort of grew out of that era, cause it was, well, i will leave no comment, dont want to offend anyone.

    Now, the 90's it picked up, moreso than the 80's, in fact toward the end of the 90's it got worse and now in the new century, its increasingly gotten worse.
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    It will probably go back in a generation or two and then re-emerge... I expect this is just a cycle in society, like many other aspects of things that happen and ideas and standards that are roaming around ..... The 70s was not the first promiscuous and the 50s was not the first more moral society as well. It all seems to be in a circle.... Nothing to worry about, this is the way society has all run its course... ;)
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    I think that people have the right to be in porn and watch porn.
    The industry needs to do mental/drug tests on there actors as well i think and if they have any problems then they wouldent be allowed to do it. But if someone likes sex and can get paid for it why not.
  10. Bleys

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    Ethics and morality are not mutally interchangable in spite of what the media attempts to convey.

    The recording, participating, producing or watching of pornography creates no ethical questions for anyone outside the field that I can see. The morality of said lifestyle, regardless of how one participates, is another question that should not be included in a discussion of ethics. I do not see how ethical considerations would be a factor for anyone not involved personally with the industry itself. For instance, participants have an ethical obligation to practice safe sex and get regular health screenings. The producers of #@!&% have an ethical obligation to verify the age of their actors, provide for health care screenings and treat their staff well. But I see no need for ethical considerations towards the general public itself.

    My 2 cents.
  11. JcMinJapan

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    very well said Bleys.... Unless they put ethics on themselves for watching it, but then it is just personal. It is a persons ethical duty to ensure their kids do not watch it or let other peoples underage kids watch it.

    Other than that, it is personal to each person, but their ethics probably will fall in the religous area.
  12. Bleys

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    this was my take as well. Why are ethics and pornography even being debated? It seems to be an example of the blurring of lines between ethics and morality which cannot be allowed to happen.

  13. Young William

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    Short statements are more "easily-recalled."......
    So,....I say,...Remeber the Berlin Wall, it was quite effective, but it fell..........and most notably through the watch of a Conservative Pres.
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    Hey, what's with this attack of the Corn industry? I have known several farmers and they are all upstanding members of society. Growing Corn is very ethical, as it is healthy, and it tastes good. People need to eat, don't they?

    If I didn't like Corn, I wouldn't stop other people from eating it. As long as the Corn isn't being forced down someone's throat (of course, some people enjoy that sort of thing...), and as long as the Corn is consensually agreeing to be eaten, there is no problem. Farmers are not responsible when people decide to use the Corn for illicit purposes.

    As JCM said, people are responsible for their own actions, they (and the rest of society) just need to accept that.

    (Where does the joke end and the analogy start? You decide!)
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    Nice double entendre !

    Agreed , don't watch it if it does not suit your beliefs , but don't impose your beliefs on others (other than your own children) !

    It is meant for adults with a healthy fantasy life and (IMO) doesn't lead to deviant behavior . The sickos were sick BEFORE they hit the play button .

    We can blame many deviant actions on modern prime time TV such as Violence , promiscuity , biggotry etc... but it is the job of parents to teach the difference between fiction and fantasy , and express thier views to thier children.
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    Wow is it hot in here or what? LOL
    What about prostitution ..people who like sex sell it but are condemned by society.
    I do agree that people are responsible for their own actions. But I think is some ways the corn industry has created individuals that are very dangerous to society.

    Case Scenario 1:
    The case of missing girl in Canada Holly Jones (RIP) whose body parts were discovered in the most grotesque of circumstances and the killer blamed the easy access to child corn. I don’t know whether he was being sincere or just wanted a lighter sentence. Quote “Briere told the court he was consumed by desire after viewing child pornography. He then abducted and killed Holly.”

    Case Scenario 2:
    During the War on Terrorism in Iraq some of the American soldiers were known to have raped women, video taped the rape and then posted on porno sites. I remember reading in my hometown journal during the whole War on Terrorism charade where the videos and photos were published in the Libyan Newspaper to create awareness of the atrocities of war.

    Case Scenario 3:
    The whole scandal of the peacekeeping UN worker raping and exploiting poverty and war stricken women and children

    Yeah so you can’t blame others for your actions.. but now a days I find people are blaming “Biology”. With the advancement of genetics and other related fields of the study it seems the level of anger and the behavior of the person comes down to genetics or the lack of anger managing cells. Again I don’t know much on whether genetics is really responsible or the criminals are just trying to get away with an easy sentence. hmm.. Can we really blame Biology? i.e: Hormones
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    Malik... You think that they would not have done those things if it were not for the industry? All of those actions would have happened regardless....... The industry did not help corrupt those people, they would have just blamed someone or something else of the industry was not around.

    You could also say that in countries where it is illegal, then those crimes are based on the fact that the person had no outlet for their fantasy, so they commited the crime.

    There will always be someone or something to blame. :no:
  18. Bleys

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    Misconceptions and propanda...

    A man is a pedophile regardless of whether he acts on his compulsion or not. This sorry excuse is seeking to mitigate his responsibility in his crime nothing more.

    This BS was debunked two or three times on ATS. Now you know if it was debunked on ATS (rather than glorified as proof of a reptillian conspiracy between the NWO and Walmart) you know it was truly garbage. If I find the actual porn production studio that created it - I'll send it to you U2U.

    Nothing to do with porn whatsoever and everything to do with a poorly commanded group of criminals. Everyone who participated, condoned or turned a blind eye to the abuse should be prosecuted and forced to pay reparations to the victims.

    We have different motivations for the two valid examples you listed. Pedophilia is a biological mistake that, at current, cannot be cured. Personally I would like to see more research done in an attempt to correct the behavior. But because it is a mental addiction (for lack of a better word) it will be almost impossible to cure. It would be like changing ones preference from heterosexuality to homosexuality or vice versa. It would be unsatisfying and distasteful.

    The peacekeepers IMO are nothing more than thugs who are working under a "mob mentality" - everybody does it. They can be stopped simply through better surveillance and a no tolerance policy followed with severe penalties.

  19. Bleys

    Bleys Phoenix Takes Flight Staff Member


    And just one more thing tonight since I can't sleep - :ch: and since we were speaking of ethical considerations. Wouldn't it seem prudent and ethical to provide these peacekeepers with UN approved prostitutes to satisfy this need? This way the UN could keep track of who their soldiers are visiting, verify their health status and most all protect the children who are being victimized.

    I'm very interested in your opinion Malik - you seem very sincere in this quest.

  20. malik

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    That's true and it reminds me of a particular news story that happened a long time ago.. “The lawsuit - filed in New York State Supreme Court in the Bronx - says that McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's and Kentucky Fried Chicken misled customers by enticing them with greasy, salty and sugary food.” "I always thought it was good for you. I never thought there was anything wrong with it," ~ Mr Barbar
    ( I kid you not: )