Astronomy Eta Carinae?

Discussion in 'Astronomy' started by Mizar, Oct 22, 2004.

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    Now i know that im not suppsoed to open a disscussion thread in astronomy but i have a question i need answered

    i know eta carinae has been showing its stuff alot lately but what does this mean

    sorry i have to coppy the article because by tommorw the link wont work.

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    Well, this is known to be one of the least stable stars out there in the galaxy that we are aware of. Now, astronomically speaking, it could be a few million years before it blows or even sooner, but many think that it will be in about 100,000 years, but it is all a guess and scientists even say it could be tomorrow. The fact is... no one really knows.

    Actually, this is a perfect one to put in here. No real conspiracy stuff about this. Scientists are not really too sure about what will happen itself as well. It was first found in 1677 by Edmond Halley. Most are not sure if one or two stars, but are leaning twoards two right now and have estimated it to be around 100-150 times our sun. But, there is nothing concrete.

    Yes, it will probably become a Super-Nova when it dies. Eta Carinae is more than 8,000 light years away. Now, about 150 years ago the star almost exploded. It released as much light as a Super-Nova, but it did survive. I personally do not have a feeling that it will cause any major damage to the earth. Some basic fact and pics can be found here:

    20.gif 12.jpg

    Here is a wonderful site about the it: Eta Carinae . This will have more information that you will ever want to know... :yes: