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    I heard that he was good, so i bought a book by him on Friday. And the media reported his death on Saturday. Huh?!
    For those who have never heard of him - Ephraim Kishon was an Israeli writer (i am crazy about Jewish authors), satirist, and film and stage director. He was famous for his satires about the everyday people in Israel, but also for his controversial, pften cynical political messages. The German press called him "the genious of humour". I cannot state my personal opinion yet, because i just started reading the very first book i got by him "Drehen Sie sich um, Frau Lot" ("Look back, Mrs Lot"). Still, i would be happy, if anyone who knows his works posts some opinion or criticism, so that i could make myself a better picture:)
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    Greeting Subdued.

    This guy seems to share your appreciation for Kishon.

    I have never heard of this author before and would love it if you would give us your impressions after you read the book.

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    Yes please do inform us about this author. My stepdad is Jewish and loves to read and I asked him, hes never heard of him, that he recalls. Let me know how it is and I will forward your synopsis/review to him. He enjoys Jewish/Israeli literature.
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    Okay, it took some time - maybe too long for 150 pages, but i had exams... Hope, this would pass as an excuse.
    Now, in respect to the book - it was totally awsome, fabulous, extremely funny and very intelligently written!!! The author is telling stories about "modern" Israel. Most of them are directly or indirectly centered on the political and social situation in the country, and on the mentality and character traits of the Jews. Kishon's main illustrative approach is the satire. And although one can feel the criticism submitted through it, and although this criticism attacks the obstinacy and absurdity which society is living in, his words are never aggressive, his attitude - never insulting or vulgar. Warmth and affection towards the country emanate from every single page of the book. His message, as i understood it, was to make people stop, and look back (yes, this is the title), and think over the life they're leading and over the things they can change - objectively, as well as inwardly.