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Discussion in 'Physical Science' started by Icewolf, Jan 1, 2005.

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    OK, does anyone know about this?
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    white noise and EVP are 2 very different phenomenon according to my sources, one deals with Big Bang radiation and the other is about dead people
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    no I disagree. your counting angels on the head of a pin.

    both conjecture that there are entities trying to contact us thru noise or electrnics or that they are trying to contact us at all.ha ha

    like the after life is so bad they have to contact the living. ha ha

    or that the person being contacted is really important. it is funny at best. It is all related though you don't see the connect.
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    I liked the good old days when hucksters spouting this stuff wore turbans.
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    ewll nowadays they waer upside down pineapples
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    there are no scientific basis for these studies. there are billions of people w/devices that could prove or disprove this and they have been around for a hundred years or more. This belongs in the lounge for sure.
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    yes, it's for casual discussion, thats what the lounge is for, if I thought in any way this could be backed up scientificully it would have went somewhere influential, (and you thought I was a crazy, pineapple wearing hippie, lol)
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    I never said you were crazy. I usually let people expose their idiosyncratic views. Didn't you also say in another post you thought the Earth rode on the back of a giant tortoise, or maybe that wasn't you. ;)
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    it's ok, i took no offence (p.s i didn't say anything about tortioses)
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    Oh, OK.
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    Bumping for new interest.:saint2:
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    I am giving this a bump. :)

    Electronic voice phenomena (EVP) are "spirit voices" that are said to manifest themselves on audio recordings.

    My wife just told me a couple stories today about some haunted houses being shown by her realtor friends, she has access to these houses, (she is a realtor too) so I was thinking of getting a recording device and seeing if I could pick something up on it and posting my findings here. I'll keep an update
  14. sab

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    White noise is a type of noise that is produced by combining sounds of all different frequencies all together in a VERY controlled manner. imagine taking all of the tones the human ear can hear then mixing them together into a sample.
    furthermore, all of the tones or frequencies that are mixed together are all set to EXACTLY the same levels so your low tones, mid tones and high tones all have exactly the same db level.
    if you graph this white noise you would get a flat line like this

    white noise is used to generate frequency response curves in audio equipment.
    I use white noise every day.

    Pink Noise is the sam but has a higher db frequency levels near the lower end.

    blue noise has higher db frequency levels near the higher end.
    just like in the colour light spectrum,
    noise has color too.

    you are talking about back ground static, background static is random frequencys at random levels, this form of static is not controlled and has anomolies embedded it it.
    we audio people cannot use random background static for any audio measurments.
  15. sab

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    there was a movie called White Noise that prepuated the myth that white noise was the static left over from the big bang.

    another example of the dumming down of america by the movie industry.

    you would thing that the audio engineers on the set would boycot the title of the film.

    oh well.
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    don't forget about brown noise, or the brown note to be exact :D

    Dissproven by the Myth Busters, I believe.
  17. sab

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    they didnt have a very good test,
    they did not take in to account for frequency resonance as related to body cavity size

    I think they only tested 3 frequencys.
    they should have sweeped the frequencys until the test subject felt nauseated then hammered him with that frequency.
  18. Derek

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    I have not had a chance to go check out an of the houses yet, the one I really wanted to go to went off the market after I posted, but luckily it is back on listed with another group, so maybe this weekend I will be able to check it out. I have not seen much on the paranormal side so I will be going in a Skeptic, hopefully to be proven wrong though. :)
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    Always interested in this stuff, Have done some very amatuer stuff myself, havent gotten anything, justifiable yet. Meaning I have gotten things explainable and unexplainable noises, nothing clear cut or precise. The unexplainable stuff I have gotten doesnt quite add up or can see how it is formed.

    But here are some stuff I dug up on the net:

    Note: Of course some of these are probably generated only to amuse and entertain the possibility, cause credibility for EVP is not sound or just, so there is no way to disprove or prove the mere truth authenticity behind it.

    However, IMO, to disprove that things/paranormal/spirits, etc is ignorance. We only see what we want to see, same as hearing and anything we can not explain or prove truthfully, we deny it as false or nonexistent.