Physical Science [Easy] Over Recharging Battery

Discussion in 'Physical Science' started by tablet, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. tablet

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    Is there such thing as over recharging a rechargable battery? What happen IF?
  2. helenheaven

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    BOOM !

    no actually I have no idea
  3. tablet

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  4. Zsandmann

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    They get hot. Thats all I could tell you.
  5. oddtodd

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    I have seen little dry cell AA burst from cross wiring , but I know it is a chemical reaction insid e that has a limited lifespan . In lead acid car batteries , Hydrogen is produced when the lead sulfate is changed back to lead , sulfuric acid , and water . Never have an ignition source near a running car battery !!

    Overcharging rechargeables just lowers the lifespan ... They would not be sold if they could go boom in a charger that was left on . heats them up and messes with the chemicals inside .
  6. helenheaven

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    yeah, but boom was funnier

    ha ha ha
  7. tablet

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    [edit, pun removed] time to get serious.
  8. oddtodd

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    I think I am going to cross wire a set of old dry cell AA's and see what happens ( In the attemt to inform the ignorant of course....) Will let you know or post a pic soon....

    *edit : On the garage floor with adult supervision of course...
  9. I know if you over charge some cell phone batt. it shortens their life.:ch:
  10. kiwirobin

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    Overcharging NiMH and NiCad shortens the life of the battery.
    Indeed overchaging lead acid batteries gives off explosive vapors and is very dangerous.
    For phone and hobbie batteries check this link...