Physical Science [Easy] Little Matchead Rockets

Discussion in 'Physical Science' started by oddtodd, Sep 2, 2004.

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    I kind of had something else in mind when I suggested this type of forum , but I think it is a great start . I hope people continue to add the reasons behind the reactions / phenomena involved with their projects and experiments in some kind of conclusion .

    I will get out the feul cell and the magnetic accelerator in the next week or so , untill then here is a fun little ADULT SUPERVISED / BEST DONE ON THE CONCRETE FLOOR OF YOUR GARAGE ( not your folks mahogany dining room table that sits on top of the oriental rug) exersize showing how expanding gas works as a propellant :

    Yo will need : A skewer (long toothpick , like for shish kebabs) , the head of a match cut from the stem , tinfoil , a candle

    take a half inch by one inch strip of tinfoil and lay it flat on a work surface with the long dimension going from your left to right .

    Take the skewer and place it on either far side of the foil with the point half way up( 1/4 inch)

    Take the matchead and place it at the tip of the skewer and begin rolling from left to right .

    When you are finished , pinch the top of the foil shut so the matchead is sealed inside .

    Next , hold the foil about an inch above the flame (holding from the OTHER END OF LONG SKEWER) until the matchead ignites . It should send your little foil rocket for a short ride !!!

    You may have to adjust the thickness of the foil if it burns thru by using a longer strip , or a looser wrap if does not want to launch off the skewer .

    This will show you how an expanding gas released from a solid feul source in an enclosed area with an established escape route can be used as a propellant just like solid rocket boosters !

    Be smart and safe if you try this , use it to show your kids some science ......
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    Hehe, these are fun. I used to do this in my more boring high school classes. Sometimes we would have wars with them, stockpiling some then letting them fly. We built them a little different but the result was the same. Ah, the memories.

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    Oh, and btw, good call on the safety disclaimer JC. Remember everyone, safety first. Dont be a Darwin recipient.
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    Well, We just added these to get everyone going. Like we said... Nothing too big or too small for here. Anyway...That is what a Science Fair is all about. Experiments big, small, simple, and complicated. The only thing that they have in common is that they must be well thought out and the science behind them well documented. ;) I am looking forward to the alrger ones myself....
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    Felt like a pompous A$$ after posting that , glad to see it get rolling , a perfect way to start !!

    A conclusion/explaination to any little project is key to helping people "deney the I" * just like in science class !

    * made that up just this moment ... thought it was clever..