Physical Science [Easy] Baking Soda "Grenade"

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    [Easy] Baking Soda \"Grenade\"

    As known basic salts react with acids. Carbonates release some CO2 during the process. This can be used to cause small harmless "explosions".

    I experimented with these some years ago. I found out that the best acid to use is citric acid (dosn't smell and is very mild). My "grenades" had about a quarter of the power of a champagne cork. So these did a small bang and cool foam effects.

    Do this at your own risk.

    Don't use strong bases or acids (like alkali hydroxides or non-organic acids). This way the speed of gas production isn't too big and the by-products are almost harmless. Also eye gear recommended because this might pop in your hands. Use also small amounts of salt and acid and don't use strong containers that would allow the pressure to build up. Also make sure that there are no materials near that could be stained by the foam and no electric cables or sockets nearby (the foam might cause a short circuit).

    Recepie for a baking soda "grenade":
    (the exact amounts aren't so important, but use small amounts in the beginning)
    a small sealable plastic capsule(a film can,a surprise egg inner capsule (preferred, but i don't know how widespread are these), etc)
    Some citric acid (crystal, not solution preferred)
    Some baking soda
    Some water

    1. Make sure that the capsule is empty (don't ruin your negatives).
    2. Add a few millilitres of acid (make a solution if you have crystal) to the bottom of the capsule.
    3. Add a drop of water to the baking soda to make a clay-like mass (i also used gelatine to do this, but just water is simple). And attach a small pellet of it to the top part of the capsule. Make sure that it doesn't fall down so easily or the "grenade" pop suddenly.
    4. Close the container so that the acid is on the bottom and the baking soda pellet is attached to the top part (so they can't react yet).
    5. Experiment with it in safe environment where there are no people nearby. Either throw it or knock it over with a stick. Then the baking soda reacts with the citric acid and in a second or so the capsule pops open with a small bang and with foam flying out of it.

    The best resuts are achieved by experimenting.
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    Very interesting. I came across a recipe for making your own smoke grenades. (I am an advid paintball player) Anyone by chance have that or could post it?

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    Excellent! Thanks for the links DLM. *Off to do some reading...*
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    Easier recipe for a "grenade":

    Water bottle
    1/4 filled with water+
    quite a bit of Dry Ice+
    nice explosion

    the grocery store near my school has frozen co2 to keep their stuff cold, and pieces are always falling onto the path to school, So explosions are common.

    One nice benifit of these evdience. The dry ice evaporates, so you are only left with water and a severly mangled water bottle. hehehe

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    Please remember folks that Dry Ice can cause severe frostbite or worse if handled directly! Also, exploding blastic bottles can be fun, but very dangerous as well.

    Also, remember that this is about as dangerous of a GRENADE as we will allow to be discussed here. You probably already know that, but just want to remind ya. Carry on and have fun and BE SAFE... ;)
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    DLM, I'm not sure you should have posted that site. It tells you how too do alot of things that are illegal. It also has a section that I wouldn't want children under 16 too look at.(this includes me)
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    It was a Moderator that wanted the link, so I posted it, he obviously went to it, and saw it, and if he thought it was deemed against the rules, he would have told me and I would have removed it. It doesnt TECHNICALLY break the rules, since the rules just say
    When just posting the link isnt discussing it. As for the site, it has a big disclaimer at the very top of the front page.

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    The link has been removed due to the possibly offensive content. This is a hard line to draw but it needs to be drawn somewhere.

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    dry ice or CO2 ice, when heated or impacted, it "sublimates" by instantly changing its state from solid state to gas state without stoping by in the liquid state. So it evaporates without melting. can you think of a metal evaporating before melting? it is strange.

    The point is when this sublimation occurs, it draws a lot of positive heat from its surrounding, you see for something to melt you need heat and for some liquid to evaporate you need heat again, but for some solid thing to evaporate you need more heat. so when dry ice sublimates it draws positive heat (hot) from its surrounding and gives its negative heat(cold) to its surroundings instantly. and as far as I am told dropping a "cd drive size" of dry ice to the floor in a small room can kill the rooms habitants by freezing them to death instantly, I guess there was a little exageration there but more or less it works like that.
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    LOL that reminds me...
    I was in class and this kid had put some dry ice into a water container and my teacher had taken it away BUT did not know that there was dry ice in it so he just put it beind him. You could tell the pressure was building up when the kid confessed. LOL it would have been funny if something had happened.
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    My friend and I made a simple grenade type explosion. He collects lighters, so therefore has a lot of lighter fluid. We took an empty waterbottle, filled it halfway with lighter fluid, stuck some tissue in the neck of the bottle, lit the tissue and Boom!
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    ok guys i do not reconmend this but its awsome. if you do do it make sure its far away from you. take a plastic pop bottle and fill it anout 1/5 of the way with powdered clorine. then take i think its rubbing achole or maybe regular achole, i dont know and pour it in there. tightn the lid shake and throw. run asap. dont shake to much. i saw it on a video and it knocked the camera and kids back about a foot. not much but it blurred the camera and the a loud beeping sound went off.