Earth Science Earth's Auroras Don't Mirror

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    Earth\'s Auroras Don\'t Mirror

    Thanks to observations from the ground and satellites in space, scientists know that the North and South Poles light up at night with Auroras because a "solar wind" of electrified gas continually flows outward from the sun at high speed in all directions, including toward the Earth. Recently, however, NASA and university scientists looking at the Earth's northern and southern auroras were surprised to find they aren't mirror images of each other, as was once thought.

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    Great post and a terrific read. Thanks for posting it. I just learned alot of new stuff today.... :up:

    I love this picture taken from the space shuttle!

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    I was a little lost in it, but I learned as well. I have never seen this auroras but hopefully one day I will get that chance.
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    I lived in Alaska... All I can say is that it is one of the most beautiful light displays you will ever see. There are vids with it on there, but they do not come close to viewing it in person. Especially in Alaska in the woods camping and laying outside, just looking up at the sky in amazement..... It is definately I trip to be had prior to getting too old!

    Also, an experience you will never forget and also a reminder of how amazing this world and universe is.
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    this was such a great post and article - just had to bump it up for newer members