Earned Custom Status & Purchased Custom Titles on ATS...

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    I was wondering a couple of things.

    First of all, I initially registered at ATS, then gradually wandered here, checked it out, and decided to sign up to be a member.

    What I am unclear about is: on ATS we earn points for posts, replies, breaking newsk, participation in collaborative fiction, etc..... Do we earn similar points here? Or can our accumulated points earned on ATS be used here as well? I am looking for an answer to the points questions.

    Also, on ATS, with some of my points, I purchased two Custom Titles, which are displayed under my unser-name, CyberKat, and above my avatar.

    And one more thing. I just recently earned the Custom Status, given to me be a Moderator of "Writer", meaning that I have met the eligiblilty requirements to participate in collaborative fiction.

    Well, I notice in my Profile here at Ignorance Denied there is a spot that is blank, but above it, it says "Custom Status". However, when I would go to "Edit Profile", there would be no space to fill in any of my Custom Titles that I either bouht or earned on ATS.

    Could someone please explain to me how this works here on Ignorance Denied?

    I sure wouild appreciate it!
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    You currently have an "amoeba" status, which goes up as you make more posts. See the different ranks in the FAQ section.

    If you do win a contest or something here, you win points, called Iggies, or sometimes the prize is your own custom status.

    Only the Captains can change the custom status, otherwise just keep posting to change your status.

    If you want to earn Iggies, Check out the Gamemaster's game going on on and off on ID.