Human Biology Dwarf New Piece In Evolution Puzzle

Discussion in 'Human Biology' started by helenheaven, Oct 28, 2004.

  1. helenheaven

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    In an astonishing discovery that could re write the history of human evolution, scientists say they have found the skeleton of a new human species, a dwarf, marooned for eons in a tropical Lost World while modern man rapidily colonised the planet.

    The finding on a remote Indonesian island has stunned anthropologists like no other in recent memory.

    source: Christchurch Press October 29
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    Calling her the 'Hobbit Woman'


    Source: New York Times
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    yeah, New Zealand has been over run by hobbits since a strange series of movies was filmed here...
  4. Bleys

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    I saw this yesterday and couldn't believe it - incredible.

    Just when you think we have a good understanding of the world around us - we get a little curve ball thrown to us.

  5. JcMinJapan

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    Makes us wonder about evolution. How correct are we on our theories of evolution, when we get thrown curveballs like this. Makes you wonder huh?
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    makes me wonder if those guys from the lollipop guild could actually be real , and on their way to my house with a giant psychedelic spinning sucker right now !

    Sleep deprived .... sorry :p
  7. Nygdan

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    I'm not so sure that this is a curveball. its an example of a phenomenon thats known to have occured repeatedly in evolutionary history, namely that largish species when isolated on small islands become small. North Asian Island mammoths that are much much smaller than their continental relatives. Also, the press releases that I've seen have quoted researchers as noting that these dwarf homos are found on a few islands, and each is thought to be a different species, which fits in well with Ernst Mayr (the 'grand old man of evolution')'s ideas about speciation being caused under an 'allopatric' model (namely under geographic isolation). I don't see where floris man is going to cause problems for evolutionary theory.
  8. SubVolitional

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    I agree with Nygdan. If anything, this could reinforce evolution by illustrating how imperfect a process it is. Many designs were drawn up before settling on the current model,as it were.