Astronomy Dont rule out life on mars just yet!

Discussion in 'Astronomy' started by Mizar, Nov 11, 2004.

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    full story at...
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    great post mizar, ur posts are some of the finest on ID keep up the good work.

    does mars have any organic life (dead or alive0 on it?
    and is ch4 a part of organic chemistry? i forget lol, darn hydrocarbons
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    in 1996 i think when they discoverd thje ancient meteor in antartica that was from mars they suppsoably found fossilized remnants of microscopic organisims in the rocks..

    im 90% sure that it was widely excepted as life.

    so if they were right mars could still have living organinc mi croscopic life forms in ceartin habitiable areas

    and it is almost a fact that life once existed there.

    i think there may be specail types of bacteria and stuff living in the ice on mars that excretes a specail acid to melt the ice for water. it would be a simply step in evolution for life on the planet