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    Some of these I didnt know about dolphins. They are amazing creatures.

    - Unlike any other mammal, dolphin babies are born tail first.
    - Dolphins have very little sense of smell.
    - A mother dolphin will stay with a calf for two to three years.
    - Dolphins, like cows, have two stomachs — one for storing food and one for digesting it.
    - Some dolphins have been known to dive as deep as 1,000 feet.
    - A dolphin's dorsal fin is as distinctive as a person's face.
    - Some dolphin species can swim up to 25 miles an hour for long periods, more than three times faster than the best human swimmers.
    - In the wild, dolphins can live to be 50 years old, although the average age is 17 years.
    - Some dolphins can hold their breath for as long as 30 minutes, while others have to breathe every 20 seconds.
    - Bonds form between individual dolphins that may last a lifetime. They've been observed physically supporting sick or dying pod members.
    - Dolphins can be quite aggressive and even brutal. Dominant members of a pod have been known to abuse weaker members.
    - Thanks to a very sensitive retina that efficiently gathers light, a dolphin can see as well beneath the water as above it.
    - A dolphin's brain, in relation to the size of its body, is larger than the brains of chimpanzees and great apes.
    - An adult dolphin may consume 30 pounds of fish or more in a single day.
    - Dolphins swallow fish whole, despite the 100 teeth in their mouths. The teeth are used to grasp prey.
    - Dolphins can jump as high as 20 feet out of the water.
    - The largest member of the dolphin family is the killer whale, which can grow to 30 feet long.
    - A dolphin's skin is extremely delicate and easily injured by rough surfaces — much like human skin.
    - The largest of the freshwater dolphins is the boto, found in the Amazon River. It can grow 10 feet long.

    Never heard of the boto and didnt know dolphins were in the Amazon River, have to look into that.

    Dolphin Intelligence: Homepage

    Interesting article to read, how dolphins learn so quickly.
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    Tell us more about this creature. Can it sense evil? No pun. I heard somewhere that it can sense disturbance in a person and will run away if you come near it.
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    Where did you hear this? I have never heard that before, from what I do know, dolphins are very friendly to humans, unless they have that sensibility like a dog does when it senses someone is not good.
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    I didnt find anything about this. I browsed several different sites and articles and it didnt mention anything of the type, sorry.