Metaphysics Does any one here know a lot about philosophy?

Discussion in 'Metaphysics' started by ilovepizza, Sep 23, 2004.

  1. ilovepizza

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    If anyone here is a philosophy major, or knows a lot about philosophy could you please let me know. Thanks
  2. JcMinJapan

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    I am just following tablet around now! BWAHAHA

    But, I took philosophy. The good point about it is that you cannot be wrong. Great college class! I had no tests and only had to write what I thought each day. Although, I did actually try to write my ideas about the world.

    If you want to know about philosophy, first you have to think about why you want to know about philosophy... ha ha ha
  3. Icewolf

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    Thats what you think, lol.
    (really bad joke hidden in that sentence.)
  4. JcMinJapan

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    HA HA HA I AGREE!!!!!
    (bad joke hidden behind that as well) ha ha ha ;)
  5. Icewolf

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    lol, it's sad I can laugh at that.
  6. JcMinJapan

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    and again I agree with you!!!!!! BWAHAHA
  7. Icewolf

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    So what is there to do around here, I U2U'd (U) but got no reply.
  8. Icewolf

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    It's ok I got the reply I forgot to refresh the page, lol.
  9. drlau

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    Sorry for the looong post...
    Pizza, what are you searching for? A definition? There are many...

    • A belief (or system of beliefs) accepted as authoritative by
    some group or school

    • The rational investigation of questions about existence and
    knowledge and ethics

    • Any personal belief about how to live or how to deal with a

    • Literally, the love of, including the search after, wisdom; in
    actual usage, the knowledge of phenomena as explained
    by, and resolved into, causes and reasons, powers and

    • Investigation of the nature, causes, or principles of reality,
    knowledge, or values, based on logical reasoning rather
    than empirical methods

    ....and many other permutations of the above. Webster's even adds the following:
    JcMinJapan said,"If you want to know about philosophy, first you have to think about why you want to know about philosophy... ha ha ha". All joking aside, that statement carries alot of weight.

    There are alot of resources out there on the internet that publish excerpts from classical and contemporary philosophy. Pick some names from a about some of their ideas...see if you connect with something.

    I hope I have not torn off in the wrong direction with this, but I was unsure where you wanted to go. If I have failed, please accept my humble apologies.

    It has always been my philosophy that it is easier to beg forgiveness, than to ask permission...

    I'll leave you with this:

  10. junior_smith

    junior_smith Premium Member

    i do like you philosophy doc, however i think to have one philosophy states that you are only ever one person, i think at times we can be several different people depending upn our mood, hence there can never be one true philosphy for one self
  11. drlau

    drlau Premium Member

    :grin: Should have said "It has always been one of my philosphies..."
  12. ZeroDeep

    ZeroDeep New Member

    I'am a study of philosophy as we speak; first year, mind you.

    I plan to major in theology with a minor of philosophy.


    Ps. I only have one star, compared to my amlost full bar..

  13. black hawk

    black hawk Premium Member

    well.......yes i know alot that there is in the need to know, post your help question please.