Sociology Do we need more social programs?

Discussion in 'Sociology' started by Ritual, Apr 10, 2005.

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    Ok someone younger then 18 does not have any real chance of surviving on their own, and if their parents are deadbeats then they live poor and unhealthy. The only social program I know about for children is welfare. And I think welfare is at a 2 year cap now?

    Once you reach 18 you are pretty much guaranteed a job with the Military if all else fails. So this pretty much covers everyone in the age group of 18-36.

    If you are older then 36 you potentially could never find a job or make a living. I think there should be another social program or job program that will guarantee people job's and job training in the age group of 36-50.

    Once you start reaching 50 you potentially cant complete physical labor as well. So if at the point in your life at 50 and your unemployed and broke, you are pretty much in trouble. So I think there should be another social program to provide basic living necessity for people age 50+.

    What does everyone think? I have compassion for people, and I have to beleive that there are probably good people out there homeless who could use a hand. As far as children and elderly people, they are helpless to their situation as far as changing it. Especially children.

    Do we need more social programs? I think Capitalism is good, but I also think a little socialism couldnt hurt either mixed in. Our military and government is a form of communism to a point even as far as delegating jobs and needs.
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    Socail sercurties deals with that. If you have had a job and are laid off, not fired or quit, you get workers compensation. If you aare retired you get retirement checks. Many of the plans in the FDR "New Deal" did exactly what you said but many of the plans were rejected by congress and the people because they gave too much control and were called communist. There are many programs out and about that help people who are unemployed, disabled, single parents, homless children. The programs just do not have publicity and many people do not know of them and do not try to seek it out. the plans and programs are there they just need more education in the public so that we KNOW they are there.

    FOr children who are left behind by parents many charities specalize in just that. Giving them help and geting them on their feet.