Do we have Polls?

Discussion in 'Website Support & Announcements' started by Al Vereco, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. Al Vereco

    Al Vereco Member

    Can we create polls here in ID? I think polls are available in ATS, but this is a different system or something (as I understand it).

    If I wanted to create a poll here, how could I do it?

  2. Icewolf

    Icewolf Premium Member

    go to the lounge, click poll, put in a title, describe what the poll is about then go down to the bottom and put in the options which we can vote for, (one per line)
  3. DreamLandMafia

    DreamLandMafia Premium Member

    Polls are only in Lounge if I recall.

    And ATS has no polls, only a custmo one for special occasions that require whole board votes.
  4. Al Vereco

    Al Vereco Member

    Great! Thanks guys!

  5. Icewolf

    Icewolf Premium Member

    your welcome, if you have any other questions don't be afraid to ask.