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Discussion in 'Earth Science' started by Zsandmann, Mar 30, 2005.

  1. Zsandmann

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    In two weeks Discovery Channel will be showing a movie about what it would be like if Yellowstone erupted. It looks very good, and if it is half as good as Walking with Dinosaurs and Pompeii: The Last Day, it should be better than any SciFI disaster flick you have ever seen. More infor soon.
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    Whats the date and time its showing? I know time is different but will play am or pm time?
  3. Zsandmann

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    I am sure it will be an evening program
  4. Bleys

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    Thanks Bleys, try to remember to watch it that day.
  6. GoneFission

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    I am highly anticipating this show. Discovery regularly shows a program on supervolcanos with a focus on the Yellowstone supercaldera, and it will be great to see a scientific dramatization of what could happen if it erupted again soon. Should be a good contrast to the unscientific dramatizations of natural events such as Dante's Peak, Volcano and The Day After Tomorrow.
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    Actually Dante's peak is on Sci Fi right now. Its been some time seince I've seen the move and yeah it is really dramatizitced. I'm laughing at the stupidity of some of it.

    The show looks good thought. I don't watch much TV but with the pope stuff I turned it on and saw and ad for it on the Discovery Science chan. I'llwatch someone post a reminder the day of so I can remember.

    Ha while typing this Sci Fi has one of their origonal moves comming out its called 10.5 suppsoabbly a 10.5 mag earthquake his california bet that will be dramatic and funny.
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    I'm glad you posted that article Hellmutt because it has bothered since the day you posted it ATS. For years scientists have been saying that Toba is a threat but not an imminent one. Seems like everything has changed since Boxing Day.

    Some interesting comments about Toba:
    Looks like Toba will become a priority for scientists for the forseeable future.

  12. bodebliss

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    If Discovery does caldera volcanoes like Scifi did big quakes(10.5) it will be like Disney does history. Ha Ha
  13. GoneFission

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    I just watched it - pretty good! Yes, it was very dramatized, but Discovery seemed to have a grasp of what could happen and how it would proceed (based upon what I've read and seen). It was also nice that they showed the scientific documentary after the movie.

    Overall, I give it 8/10. An entertaining, yet educational movie.
  14. Zsandmann

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    I too thought it was fairly well researched. There was some drama and a few things I thought didnt belong.

    A) Why do they always try to make Geology look sexy. Im a geologist and Geology just isnt sexy. I thought VIRGIL (Virtual Geophysical Imaging Lab) was corny, sorry.

    B) Why do these disaster movies always have to have a female or black president? Not that I am opposed to either, its just strange to me.

    C) Why didnt the guy in the hotel 'field office' get up and get in a doorway when the roof collapsed? He works with earthquakes, he should know the drill.
  15. overrocked

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    I enjoyed the special effects. I found the movie entertaining enough to watch the whole thing (which is rare for me) I think I like the new genre of documentary-combined drama. (i couldn't stand 10.5, the teenage girl was just too obnoxious- and there just wasn't enough fires to make this pyro happy. Aren't there gas lines in those cities?) Between going to the movies to see Sin City Friday night and Supervolcanoes Sunday night- this past weekend was rather entertaining. (leaving out the fixing of the porch roofing project)
  16. Bleys

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    I really liked it - would have liked to see more concentration on the park itself instead of the characters. But really good.

    Zman groupies - oh no!

    That really annoyed me as well. But then again so did the helicopter scene. Why didn't it take all three of the scientists? Just had to have that chase scene with the pyroclastic cloud I guess.

  17. Zsandmann

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    Hahahaha good point, I totally forgot about that.

    "Im sorry miss but this chopper is full of very important scientific equipment, you'll have to take that old busted pickup and outrun the pyroclastic flow."

    "Ok sorry to be a bother."

    Almost as bad a scene as the beginning of 'The Day After Tomorrow' when the guy jumps the ice fissure to save the cores. I mean OMG drill another core 15 ft away from the blasted spot you drilled the other one.
  18. Zsandmann

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    BTW there is no friggin program on Earth that processes seismic data as fast as VIRGIL, I would have had my thesis done 8 months ago if it did. The only realistic thing there was the computer crash, geophysical software crashes ALL the time.
  19. Bleys

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    You sound just like all the criminalists I know complaining about how CSI has just ruined their field.