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Discussion in 'Human Biology' started by oddtodd, Apr 3, 2005.

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    This is encouraging ! Paralized people , or people with motor neron disease may be able to communicate with others in a tactile form .

    I think of people like Stephen Hawkings ,
    who are prisinors in thier own bodies and how much more they could convey if they could communicate better .

    Hawkings is an exception , he has outlived his prognosis by a couple decades and his needs to communicate are provided for him by his speach synthesizer . I don't know of any other victim of ALS that has this .

    The last thing that gives out in ALS cases is the brain , it took one of my uncles and is terribly hard to see happen to a productive person like he was .

    Give a read !

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    About a year ago, they implanted a chip into a guys brain that allowed him to send e-mail by thinking it. They are also working on setting up electronics in the house to also work that way as well. It would be wonderful for people with physical problems to be able to control their own environment and be a little bit more independant....