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    what are the odds that dinosaurs had a copper instead of an iron based blood which lead to their extinction due to viral or cliamatical occurances?
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    I thought this was a joke until I looked it up . I had NO IDEA that certain animals and shelfish have copper based blood .

    Was about to go vulcan on your backside .

    Here is one thing I came across :

    " Copper is an important human trace element. Some 75-150 mg are present in healthy adults, with a daily turnover of 2-3 mg. In humans, copper plays a role in some 30 enzymes, including the critical enzymes superoxide dismutase--SOD (a suppressor of the leading reactive oxygen species superoxide) and ceruloplasmin (an antioxidant that keeps copper and iron ions from creating oxygen radicals; ceruloplasmin is also important for the uptake of iron into hemoglobin). In the (blue) blood of some crustaceans, copper substitutes for iron to form cyanoglobin. Aside from the rare genetic disorder of copper overload (Wilson's disease), humans can store and use a rather large amount of copper without any deleterious effects, though oral intake of some copper compounds can cause nausea and vomiting. Obviously, significant overdoses can cause a range of damaging effects, including hepatomegaly and cirrhosis of the liver. Copper is abundant in a variety of foods, including legumes, nuts, seeds, and shellfish. "

    Food for thought ! pun intended ..... Thanks for the post , will look into the homosapien side of it , but would expect that to be a common fact that I would have heard about . ( Being uncommon myself makes me overlook things tho')

    I do know that copper comes from the ore malachite and produces arsenic when smelted , but if it is disoved in the sea I could see how the food chain would get it to us in a hurry !

    And blue , go here and introduce yourself so we can give you a nice welcome !