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    0963 - Leo VIII elected Pope

    1631 - 1st predicted transit of Venus (Kepler) is observed

    1641 - Don Francisco de Mello appointed land guardian of South Netherlands

    1723 - Emperor Karel VI's Pragmatic Sanctie declares Constitution

    1768 - 1st edition of "Encyclopedia Brittanica" published (Scotland)

    1790 - Congress meets in Philadelphia, new temporary US capital

    1820 - US president James Monroe re-elected

    1825 - Pres John Adams suggests establishment of a US observatory

    1833 - HMS Beagle/Charles Darwin departs Rio de la Plata

    1843 - Amsterdam-Utrecht railway opens

    1849 - Harriet Tubman escapes from slavery in Maryland

    1865 - 13th Amendment is ratified, abolishing slavery

    1877 - 1st sound recording made (Thomas Edison)

    1882 - Atmosphere of Venus detected during transit

    1917 - Finland declares independence from Russia (National Day)

    1922 - 1st constitution of Irish Free State comes into operation

    1922 - 1st electric power line commercial carrier in US, Utica, NY

    1923 - 1st presidential address broadcast on radio (Pres Calvin Coolidge)

    1957 - 1st US attempt to launch a satellite fails-Vanguard rocket blows up

    1958 - US lunar probe Pioneer 3 reaches 107,269 km, falls back

    1963 - Beatles begin a tradition of releasing a Christmas record for fans

    1980 - NASA launches Intelsat V

    1988 - Carlos Andr‚s P‚rez re-elected president of Venezuela

    1988 - STS-27 Atlantis lands in Calif after secret mission
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    1876 - 1st crematorium in US begins operation, Washington PA

    1881 - Jefferson Davis, the first and only president of the Confederate States of America, died in New Orleans at age 81.

    1884 - The construction of the Washington Monument was completed by Army engineers. The project took 34 years.

    1964 - KTVR TV channel 13 in La Grande OR (PBS) begins broadcasting

    1985 - UK joins US Star Wars project

    1998 - Astronauts aboard the space shuttle Endeavour connected the first two building blocks of the international space station in the shuttle cargo bay.
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    1896 Ira Gershwin (musician, lyricist) is born

    1920 Dave Brubeck (musician) is born