Botany Deepest U.S. reef found

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    I found this article on CNN, and being a diver myself, I thought this is neat and really opens another mystery of the deep. This reef is about 250 ft deep and is a living coral reef that is 3 miles wide and stretches for about 20 miles. Its amazing how a reef can live that deep, normally it gets kind of dark after 150ft, but there must be enough ample sunlight to reach it at that depth, considering its 3 miles wide without obstruction of caverns and sea floor walls.
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    A horizontal reef as opposed to vertical:puz: - I want pictures dang it.

    From the CNN article:

    Great Stuff, B.
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    I kniw what you mean Bleys, I have searched and searched for those pics or a vid stream on it cant find anything. Hopefully they will release something in the near future or maybe even have docu on Discovery or Animal Planet, who knows, but I would love to see this, its just amazing how marine life adapts to deeper depths and has survived for so long without anyone knowing.