History December 8th

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    1326 - Daitokuji temple, Rinzai line, established in Kyoto by Daito Kokushi

    1776 - George Washington's retreating army crosses Delaware River from NJ

    1777 - Capt Cook leaves Society Islands

    1931 - Coaxial cable patented

    1936 - Anastasio Somoza elected pres of Nicaragua

    1956 - 1st test firing of Vanguard satellite program, TV-0

    1974 - Soyuz 16 returns to Earth

    1983 - 9th Space Shuttle Mission-Columbia 6-lands at Edwards AFB
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    People born on Dec 8th:

    1542 Mary Queen of Scots (British royal)

    1925 Sammy Davis Jr. (actor, singer, entertainer)

    1936 David Carradine (actor)

    1943 Jim Morrison (singer)

    1953 Kim Basinger (actress)

    1964 Teri Hatcher (actress)

    1966 Sinead O'Connor (singer)
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    1493 - Christopher Columbus founds new colony of La Isabela
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    2004 - Congress OKs private-spaceflight bill
    Senate's 11th-hour approval opens way for tourism