History December 3rd

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    0741 - St Zachary begins his reign as Catholic Pope succeeding Gregory III

    1557 - 1st Covenant of Scottish protestants form

    1586 - Sir Thomas Herriot introduces potatoes to England, from Colombia

    1621 - Galileo invents telescope

    1818 - Illinois becomes 21st state USA (Admission day)

    1828 - Andrew Jackson elected 7th president of US

    1910 - Neon lights, 1st publically seen (Paris Auto Show)

    1952 - 1st TV broadcast in Hawaii

    1965 - USSR launches Luna 8; crashes on Moon

    1967 - 1st human heart transplant performed (Dr Christian Barnard, S Africa)

    1973 - Pioneer 10 passes Jupiter (1st fly-by of an outer planet) [Dec 4-GMT]

    1979 - Iran accepts constitution
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    That sure is a day in history.....There are lots of days of history.
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    1930 Jean-Luc Godard (film director) born

    1948 Ozzy Osbourne (singer) born