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    HAHA woops accidently posted with no info...

    How about we try to sched a debate. First we choose the topic. THen we choose team members of like say 3 and one mod for the debate ( Does not have to be a mod on the site) and the 2 teams of 3 go at it with the chat option one night in a hour session. Then the info discussed on it would be pasted in an ID thread for group disscussion. Or we could just do it in a thread. I think this will be a fun thing to do either way. in a thread verson you cana take your time in responses and find data sources and you are not limited to time zones. BUt in the live debate you can get the think on your feet fastest finger excitment.

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  3. tablet

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    IF you want this, Icewolf and I can brainstorm over MSN. Let us know if you want a complete package. :D
  4. Bleys

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    :ch: Bring it on you girlie men!

    I think the idea deserves consideration - I'll brow beat Seth. You guys take Smirk, JC and Z.

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    if anyone wants me they can have me, because i couldnt do my debate on ats because i cant log on!
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    I think a debate would be fun and refreshing.
    I have no problems with it being done. I say that we run it in a thread. Each team gets one post per day for say one week or so and closing statements on the 7th post. We can set up a private forum for each team to hash out their questions and talk amongst themselves before delivering their statement or rebuttal. The debate of course would be open to everyone to view. No comments from others until the end of the debate and then members can post in the debate itself.

    The debate cannot be conspiracy related and the debatees need to show proof or concepts and deliver facts. I am not sure if we should create another forum itself, as we may be getting too many. But, my idea is to just put [DEBATE] Debate Name here into the science or field that it represents or even into the Research Projects area. If people want to seach for debates in the future, they can just search for them using the keyword "debate". Just some thoughts....
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    I'm up for it, we should have a team sign up sheet, maybe in lounge, we pick team leaders then we can ask them for permission to join their teams, maybe four per team?
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    IF it is thread debate it is just 1 on 1

    If we do Chat debate its teams.
  9. tablet

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    My concept for ID debate:

    There are 4 captains. Two of them will focus on the subject/topic for the debate. The other two will focus on forming a team. Here's an example:

    For some reason Seth and Smirk decided that we debate on Time Travel issue. Then you have JC and Z battling with each other. JC will choose his team and Z will choose his. The ID members have no choice, they go with whoever picked them. JC and Z will not debate, instead the members of their group will. A group should consist of 3 or 4(max) members. JC/Z can selectively OR randomly select members.

    Team 1: JC (leader)
    member a:
    member b:
    member c:

    Team 2: Z (leader)
    member a:
    member b:
    member c:

    One of the super mod is the judge (to make sure everyone is following the rule). Since we have two super mod at this moment, one of them can be thrown into the normal Mod pot. The MOD are Neutral. They don't debate, just voice their opinion. They can side on whichever team they want. And support both team. The Judge (super mod) will decide how the game of this debate flow.

    And of course, all this is for fun. We're not ATS keep that in mind.