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Discussion in 'ID Members Lounge' started by JcMinJapan, Mar 27, 2005.

  1. JcMinJapan

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    Now, I would like to make this post to stand for all of my debate posts and I am sure this probably stands for all the debaters.... I was thinking about this as the debates could have to deal with anything from life and death to morals to science. In these debates, we are given a side to be on.. whether that be for or against something. So, my disclaimer is that ANYTHING posted in this forum may or may not be my true opinion on a subject and I will not state my TRUE opinion in here. But, it will reflect the stance that I have been told to take on the subject.

    Thank you for reading and understanding this....

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  2. Icewolf

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    I would like to add that not everything I say will be my opinion, as my opinion in all matters will be relative to where I have been assigned in any matter.
  3. tablet

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    I would also like to add to this disclaimer and a few encouragements.

    Nothing in the debate should be taken personally. We are given a role, to defend or oppose and we sometime try to be convincing that we use all sort of tactic, some that the opposing team might not like. Remember, debate is a game… we have a role in this game and we must show our true colour regardless of the role.

    Defend OR Oppose! Act convincingly, with enthusiasm and talk like you really mean it! In the end there will be great contrast and it’s easy to decide the winner because of this

    Overall I hope that we all learn something from all of our debate here at ID, each round is our walk into the dark we must all be prepare so we don’t fall into the trap set by our opponents. And last I hope these debate help build personality for those that never argue/debate before, I know I will since I have a lot to learn.

    - T
  4. Gravare

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    same here with the opinion thing, i will defend or oppose as i am assigned to do, but my statements in the debate forum do not in any way reflect my true opinions.
  5. DucKid

    DucKid Premium Member

    The assignment I am given in the debate will be what I defend for the team, and may not be my true opinion.