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    A man has some daughters. All of them are blond except two, all of them are red-heads except two, and the rest of them are blond except two.

    How many daughters does the man have, and what is the color of their hair?


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  2. four daughters, two blonde two redheads??
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  4. Zsandmann

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    2 blonds, 2 redheads, 2 other.
  5. helenheaven

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    2 blondes, 2 redheads
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    Three daughters? If it's anything like: John went to a party one night. The next day he was asked if he met a lot people at the gathering. "Figure it out for yourself," John said. "Of the girls I spoke to, all but two were blondes, all but two were brunettes, and all but two were redheads." How many girls did he talk to? ( 1 blonde, 1 redhead, 1 brunette)
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    good job monkeipeg!
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    :D Thank you.