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    Dan Brown\'s Digital Fortress-Solved

    This code is on the last page of the book, so it I will post it and you try to crack it. It is pretty easy, but dont cheat.


    HINT: You have to have the book for get the answer.

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  2. Codes are fun.

    Book was kinda dull thou.
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    Finally bought the book, along with Angels and Demons. Will have to avoid this thread so it isnt spoiled for me. heh.
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    Doesnt look like much spoiling is happening, haha

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    I finally solved one on my own!!

    OK. Went to Barnes & Noble to look at the book.

    Guessed the numbers were chapter numbers.

    Wrote down the 1st letter found in each chapter and got:
    Rearrange the letters in groups of four:

    Read down the columns, from left to right, and you get

    we are watching you


    Wasn't there something on the dust jacket of The DaVinci Code as well?


  6. Zsandmann

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    Good Job, if you read the book the ceasar cube is explained and its pretty easy. I have heard about the dust jacket but havent looked for anything
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    I guess after finishing Deception Point, that Dan Brown puts a code in the back of all his books. I borrowed DP so I dont have the code but it was solved just like the one in the back of Digital Fortress.

    Digital Fortress - 4*4 Ceasar Cube = "We are watching you"
    Deception Point - 5*5 Ceasar Cube = "DaVinci code will surface"