Human Biology “Cyropractor”… chiropractor… quacktopractor… sorry, no “faith” in that particular healing.*

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    *quote from Mirthful Me, in the MRI thread

    I am a believer in chiropractic. I hve gone for adjustments for over 6 years. In the last year, I have switched to a Chiropractor trained at the Palmer Institute.

    Since seeing this practioner, I have had relief from lower back pain that has plagued me for twenty years. I have relief from tight muscles in my neck and shoulders.

    I realize that most people either belive or disbelieve in the wonders of Chiropractic. I'm hoping to hear from folks here why they feel as they do, with reasons why.
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    Chiropractors work, however it is due to a common failing that modern medicine has; treating the symptom instead of treating the problem. Say you go to a chiroprator with lower back pain as advised by the doctor (This is due to the doctor being either unable to diagnose, or unwilling to diagnose the problem sometimes due to fear of lawsuits) He snaps you around a bit, and yes, you do feel better. Niether will tell you that the cause may be from living a sedentary lifestyle, such as working in a job where you sit for hours on end, doing repetitive tasks, then coming home and usually doing the same thing there as well. What could be the cause? The internet? Long hours at work? Doesnt matter! Because that guy can snap you around and make you feel good, it is a cure, and therefore an acceptable treatment. Never mind trying to get right to the root of the problem, in order to prevent future occurences, which would result in no need to go to the chiroprator. This would mean less patients for the doctors, less money for the chiroprators, etc. While there remains money to be made in suffering, people will suffer.
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    Can of worms is now open...

    I'm glad the subject has metastasized to it's own thread. Chiropractic "Arts" are a bill of goods that deserve no sale.

    How to choose a Chiropractor and other advice...

    Every once and a while a Canadian doctor can come in handy.
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    I go to a holistic chiropracter (all chiropractic is holistic in nature) who practices " Network Chiropractic" . No cracking , snapping or wierd head rushes from a neck adjustment .

    Basicaly , all our nerves come out of our spine and our spinal cord is the bridge from our brains to our body .

    This technique uses light pressure point manipulation to increase the circulation of our spinal fluid to promote self healing .

    Up until 8 month ago , I was a complete sceptic ( no , thats not it ...I thought it was all FRAUD) regarding holistic healing . While I still have reservations about many supplements and practices , I am proof that some aspects DO work !!

    I did some work for a couple chiros , and they gave me $100 a day cash , plus one treatment in trade to keep costs down . I had a surpluss of about 10 treatments that I never used until a recuring injury forced me to give an emergency call . This is an injury that normaly takes me out for 3 weeks when it happens , and I can barely move or walk without agonizing pain .

    After 3 days of 15 minute sessions consisting of light touch and gentle massage , the nerve swelling was GONE and I was able to get back to earning $$ .

    It made me a believer in my bodys ability to heal itself , with the assistance of a knowledgable person to give it a push in the right direction . It is not a continual maintainance tecnique like the back crackers (tried that to , and felt worse if I didn't go . The guy turned me into a chiro junkie) .

    This is just one success story , I am sure there are many failures due to what Cinderloft descibes as "treating the symptom" . This actually treated the problem that my body was having healing itself and the symptoms faded as a result of my healing (not a short term "fix it today , see you on Wednesday" deal)

    " Never mind trying to get right to the root of the problem, in order to prevent future occurences, which would result in no need to go to the chiroprator. This would mean less patients for the doctors, less money for the chiroprators, etc. While there remains money to be made in suffering, people will suffer. " -Cinderloft

    There are good ones and bad ones , just gotta find the ones who live simply , and help others simply live . I got lucky.......

    This is them , in Oakland California (not a sales pitch , just some informative reading)
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    --From MMs above mentioned link

    This is what my first chiropractor did. I didn't know any better.
    When I told him I thought Xrays every nine months was TOO MUCH, he told me that Blue Cross demanded them as a course of treatment. Almost sounds like insurance fraud, doesn't it.
    When I left him, he refused to allow my new doctor to see the films without cost, even though they are MY films.

    I should also add to that list :
    Never go to a chiropractor that you personally distrust on the first visit. Even though you are in much pain and will do anything to get rid of the pain.
    Check out a few more before you let them loose on your spine.
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    I work at the computer all day and work out at the gym. I was having lowerback and neck problem constantly and having to put my workouts on hold as not to hurt myself. I knew I was doing the exercises correctly, so that ruled out that as the cause. Well, we have a few doctor friends and I asked for a recommendation for a good Chiropractor. I had never been before as I thought it was a waste of money. Well, I have to admit that he was wonderful. I go to him every now and then and he puts me in great shape. I always thought there was pain when they "cracked" it back into place. Nothing but relief.... :)
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    Yeah, when I move around from time to time, my bones in my body just crack like crazy, it sounds like those pop rocks. Even my GF says "Jeeze, are you a walking popcorn maker?" I was about a week away from seeing one while I was on compensation (My back gave out at work) But the muscle relaxants I was on pretty much fixed me up. I still may look around and see if there is a good one, just to try and see. Thanks for the helpful link Mirth.
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    Gee, Cinder, muscle relaxants sound much more danagerous to me than an adjustment. And, what happens when the drug wears off?

    No one can appreciate the wonders of chiropractic until they can't stand up straight or move their head to look over their shoulders and manage to go a doctor who can alleviate much of the pain. Without drugs or surgery.
    I know that sentence was grammatically bad, but :p
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    My chriopractor is all for preventing the problem, she just wants to fix the harm we have already done. Also, I was born with a slight deformaty in my upper neck that as i aged cause my neck to curve the wrong way. This has nothing to do with my lifestyle (except that i used to sleep on my stomach-which i dont do anymore)

    That is just my personal take on them. Good choice of topic DontTreadOnMe.

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    Hey, thanks, pineapple.

    It seems chiropractor is one of those remedies that people either strongly belive or strongly disbelieve.
    I would not consider discontinuing my adjustments. And, I finally convince my husband to go for an adjustment for his recurring back aches.
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    I have never been with a chiropractor, but I have tried massage therapy and it works just fine, specially an hour of it works wonders.
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    The results of my research in chiropractic "medicine", I am not an advocate of this form of "medical" treatment and recommend the following website:
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    We are a healthy bunch arn't we.
    Me to.
    I fell off a cliff some years ago onto my butt.
    They took x-ray of my lower back, found nothing and sent me to phisio.
    A year later losing feeling in my right leg.
    Nurologist made a full back x-ray and found a compression fracture at T12 half-way up my back.
    Off to the chiropractor.
    And yes some relief, more pain, chiropractor, relief, more pain etc.
    Now five years later I've had enough and went to another nurologist who suspects that the chiroprator treatments have slowly detererated my vertebrae by the fracture.
    I go for an MRI next week and will post my experience of that on the MRI post.
    I wish I'd also went for less agressive pain control.
    And also not been so stubin as to not get probelly checked out.
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    I was in an accident back some yrs ago and messed up my left side, of course whiplash among other things...I was surprised I walked out of the car to begin...this guy ran a stop sign on the highway intersection and I plowed into him at 55 mph head on. Well after going to the doctor, I realized I had to go to a chiro doc, I dont like hospitals and doctors at all. Well, I worked at a pizza parlor as a store manager at the time of the accident....well you know slapping dough with your entire left side and neck screwed up doesnt work to well. Needless to say I couldnt stop working so I had to go. I went to this guy who did some adjusting and MY GOD I was in heaven after the first session. I went to him 4 times a week for 8 wks...I was in better condition than before the wreck. I had never heard things pop in ones body like I did when he was adjusting me. It was great and I need to go again, poor posture at home and work and now I try to adjust myself, but it tends to be hard when your body gets use to condition its in. I recommend at least seeing a chiro for annual full body adjustment to work out any kinks and its a good way to keep fit and find out if have anything wrong with you that you dont know about, liek the way you sit, sleep, work or anything like that.
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    Chiropracatic is medicine, why the quotes???
    Just because it is not mainstream, you think it's not effective.
    There is a lot the total meidcal profession doesn't know, and chiropractor will not cure all ills, but the believe chirowatch is akin to believing freemasonrywatch:dn::dn:

    So many MDs are drugs and cut happy, how can you believe everything THEY say? Esp. when the often get kickbacks from drug companies?