Astronomy "Cuts" in the NASA Program

Discussion in 'Astronomy' started by Young William, Feb 18, 2005.

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    \"Cuts\" in the NASA Program

    Optimism and excitement are sure left out in the cold citing the recent reductions in the outllook of U.S. Space exploration.
    And yet, I think of the Voyager aircraft, which are both approaching the heliopause...
    That was almost thirty years ago, it's not my postition to criticize the tragedies of the Challenger(I was 8 years old) and the recently ill-fated Columbia mission, however the Astronauts that find themselves aboard an explorational mission, are, in my opinion, voluntarily sacrificing their self for the gain of society. I feel that this issue is something of a multi-faceted compromise, and I find it quite shocking for the year of 2005.
    Any thoughts?
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    Young William,

    Please suffer yourself to put in a link to what your talking about.
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    Where do you get this info from, a news source or is this your random thinking?
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    Also did you think we could conquer space w/o loss of life?

    That seems unlikely. I think if you told astronauts that every tenth flight might end in disaster they would still go.
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    i would be an astronaut in a heart beat and i wouldnt care about dying cause i would be soo great to go into space
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    Ahh junior_smith,

    Would that it were so.