Astronomy Crack in Tank Delays Shuttle Launch

Discussion in 'Astronomy' started by Zsandmann, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. Zsandmann

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    WHY? Why do we keep using outdated technology. The disaster in 2003 should have scrapped the whole shuttle program. These things are big wasteful fuel dumps. Jet launched craft is the new way, the efficient way. The space shuttle is like taping an ant onto a stick of dynamite. When will the government realize this?

  2. Bleys

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    Excellent analogy. It has disaster written all over it - again. I remember after the last shuttle launch, the NASA pundits were telling everyone that the foam that fell wouldn't breach the wing and that all was well. How wrong they were. Now they are not worried about a narrow crack. :shk:

    My thoughts will be with the crew from launch to reentry this May.

  3. Mizar

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    Yeah it was a big thing in the news paper today because the tanks are made in New Orleans. We also have the Michoud center that does all kinds of nasa work. This aggervates me because i've been waiting what 3 years now for another launch and it keeps getting delayed.